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3/28/2015 Here’s a data response on smart meter fires from PG&E to the CPUC Energy Division.  It is mostly redacted, and PG&E still claims it has not found a smart meter that has caused a fire. However the questions and redactions indicate fires are a serious problem and they know it.  PG&E says they are now using temperature sensors on smart meters and have changed out many electrical panels. Waiting until a meter overheats and or arcs and sends a signal to PG&E may be too late. This is unacceptable. The public deserves to know more about the risk.  Data Response PG&E smart meter fires

4/2014 Findings Show Radiation Emissions from Wireless Phones are Class 1 Carcinogens Two important new papers show mobile phone use as a cause of increased brain tumors. Any wireless phone, i.e. cell phone or cordless phone, emits radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when it is in use.  One paper shows that RF-EMF exposure from mobile (and cordless) phones should be regarded as an IARC class 1 human carcinogen (cancel causing agent). Current guidelines for exposure urgently need to be revised.

4/2014 The Swiss flats where smoking, painting and mobile phones are banned  (Switzerland) – No smoking, no perfume, no mobile phone use — the list of rules at a newly opened apartment building on the outskirts of Zurich is long.  For a reason: the structure has been purpose built for people who say exposure to everyday products like perfume, hand lotion or wireless devices make them so sick they cannot function.

1/2014 Huffington Post  “…we say that there really is no time better than now to embrace home phones. Yep, I’m siding with your mother and grandmother on this one… Here’s why” 11 Reasons To Bring Back Landlines In 2014 (Seriously)

2/1/2014 Student’s iPhone catches fire in pocket  An 8th grade girl from Maine was sitting down in her French class when a pop was heard and her pants started smoking- the iphone she was carrying in her pocket caught on fire! She suffered second degree burns.

2/3/2014 Santa Clara County MD warns: Internet and Wi-Fi in schools can affect learning

2/1/2014 Student’s iPhone catches fire in pocket  An 8th grade girl from Maine was sitting down in her French class when a pop was heard and her pants started smoking- the iphone she was carrying in her pocket caught on fire! She suffered second degree burns.

1/23/2014 CPUC delays smart meter opt-out proceeding – again

1/22/2014 WHO KNEW? The Wireless Smart Meter Meltdown

Smart meters waste power

1/21/2014 Email Tag Lines- A Quiet Revolution

1/21/2014 Media Blackout on Smart Meter Dangers Major power utilities continue to deploy “smart” electrical meters on businesses and private residences throughout the United States and Canada. Yet those in North America and elsewhere remain in the dark on the negative health effects of such devices that systematically blast their homes with radio-frequency (RF) radiation on a minute-by-minute, round-the-clock basis.”

The Bottom Line on iPhones vs. Refrigerators “When everything in the ICT ecosystem is accounted for, one finds that a single iPhone or tablet can easily use – or more properly, cause to be used – at least 400 kWh per year. That’s roughly the same as a high-efficiency residential refrigerator.” The full report: http://www.tech-pundit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Cloud_Begins_With_Coal.pdf

Dr Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health presents to Toronto Council that RF exposure should be classified as a 2A (probable carcinogen), not a 2B (possible carcinogen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wARxnaxrRKk

Smart Meter Package by Ronald Powell PhD. This document is intended for PEPCO customers, but with a little editing, can be used by all. Smart Meter Package Ron Powell

Massive cyberattack linked to at least one refrigerator “Smart” appliances have been transformed into “thingbots” to launch large-scale cyberattacks: “Proofpoint, an internet security firm, has uncovered what may be the first Internet of Things-based cyberattack involving “smart” appliances, including at least one refrigerator. The cyberattack involved more than 750,000 spam emails originating from more than 100,000 consumer gadgets.” http://www.sciencerecorder.com/news/massive-cyberattack-linked-to-at-least-one-refrigerator-report/

Lakeland Florida smart meters overheat, catch fire and melt  Amy Adams had just returned to her northwest Lakeland home when she smelled something burning.  Adams and her family members also noticed theirs was the only home in the neighborhood that didn’t have power.  She thought there was a problem with the breaker, but saw a charred power box and melted smart meter about three feet from her children’s corner bedroom. “The whole box was burnt up,” Adams said of the November incident.” In Lakeland 178 smart meters have been replaced due to overheating.  http://www.theledger.com/article/20140116/news/140119331?p=1&tc=pg#gsc.tab=0

Ex-Fla. cop accused in fatal shooting over texting  “An argument over texting in a Florida movie theater Monday triggered a retired Tampa police captain to fatally shoot a man sitting in front of him, as about 25 horrified moviegoers looked on, sheriff’s officials said.”

1/10/2014 New documentary film: “Desperately Seeking White Zone”

Activists confront FCC’s new chair Thomas Wheeler

1/8/2014 Greet FCC’s Wheeler with a mass funeral protest for wireless safety

1/5/2014 Get off the phone Song

12/18/2013 FCC’s Tom Wheeler in Oakland CA. on January 9

12/14/2013 Jury awards Vermont couple $1million in cell tower lawsuit

12/13/2013 CPUC delays smart meter opt-out proceeding

12/07/2013 STUDY Cell phones linked to anxiety, lower grades, and unhappiness

12/5/2013 Too much wi-fi on airplanes

12/3/2013 Can cell phones cause autism?

11/2013 Ukrainian town dismantles cell sites over cancer fears   “A town council in Ukraine had local cell sites removed, leaving the place with almost no mobile communications. The decision was made, following residents’ complaints over health problems and increased number of cancer diagnoses blamed on the equipment.”

11/23/2013 Students demonstrate wireless hazards at Science Faire

11/13/13 What is that smartphone really costing you and your family?

11/12/13 Physicians group says smart meters effect health: “The evidence is irrefutable.”

11/10/13 Electric Fireball

10/31/13 Cell Phone Crazy

10/29/13 Wireless Industry Leader Tom Wheeler New FCC Chief

“Smart meters emit RF waves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation, so there is the potential for them to cause harm.”American Cancer Society

10/24/2013 Belgium bans sales and advertising of mobile phones for children under 7

10/22/2013 Alone Together

10/21/2013 ‘Casualty catastrophe’ – Cell phones

10/15/2013  Sebastopol school board approves wireless computers for kids

French safety watchdog recommends limiting exposure to radiofrequencies for children and intensive users The National Agency for Health, Food and Environmental Safety (Anses) said it would make a recommendation to limit exposure to the devices, with heavy use defined as 40 minutes of conversation a day.

10/13 Project Censored 2013: #14 Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis

10/09/2013 Stick it to the Man: Smart Meter and Wireless Warning Stickers—Order Yours Today!

9/23/2013 Children need special protection from EMFs- Dr. Martin Blank

9/22/2013 Louis C.K.’s Case Against Kids Having Cell phones

9/19/2013 Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi

Kids at risk for cancer on wireless iPads in schools

9/17/2013 Letter to SUSD  Schools in California and beyond are transitioning away from books to computer based learning. In many cases they’re using wireless computers (iPads) to teach at least two subjects, math and language arts. This is part of a new federal curriculum called Common Core…. In my comments to the Sebastopol Union School District I advocate for an alternative technology plan creating a hardwired computer lab for testing and test preparation.

9/12/2013 Are EMF concerns irrational? Dr. Ted Litovitz explains

9/10/2013 “FAT ERROR” Edison estimates smart meter bills

9/05/2013 Smart Meter Film- Take Back Your Power- Watch NOW!

9/04/2013 Invisible Danger EMF

9/03/2013  NEW PAGE! Watch Take Back Your Power Film

“Smart” Meters & Surveillance: What Are Your Rights Worth?

9/1/2013 Is the public appropriately protected by the FCC RF exposure guidelines?

8/ 31/2013 Planet Radiation: Interview with Eileen O’Connor

Foul-mouthed hacker hijacks baby’s monitor Houston Texas:  An unknown hacker apparently gained access to a 2-year-old girl’s baby monitor, calling her by name and harassing her, and her parents, with insults and profanity. The parents heard a strange voice, coming from the web camera in their children’s bedroom.  That voice said, “Wake up Allyson, you little slut”  He also called the mom a bitch and the dad a stupid moron.  http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/14/tech/web/hacked-baby-monitor

8/2013 Lakeland fire sparks concerns about ‘smart meters’ (Florida) TV news reported , “A charred electrical box is what’s left of a very scary weekend outside Cherie Oberg’s Carillon Lakes condo in Lakeland.  Oberg says the digital “smart meter” on her home burst into flames damaging two adjoining meters. The flames fizzled out by the time Lakeland firefighters arrived, but the fear sparked by the situation is still smoldering for Oberg and her neighbors.“  The report and video confirm the Consumer Product and Safety Commission is taking complaints on smart meters.

8/28/2013 Smart Meters: Forced Installation, Energy Usage and Higher Bills

8/26/2013 Dr. Ronald Powell: “Smart Meters are a community concern”

8/23/2013 Live blood Analysis-Observable Effects of Smart Meter Radiation

8/20/2013 Reduce radiation risk from wi-fi, cell phones, and ipads

8/19/2013 Dirty electricity, electromagnetic pollution and disease

8/18/2013 Protect Monarch Butterflies from radiation

8/15/2013 Cell Phones in Church

8/13/2013 Smart Meter Fire in Oklahoma

Hello, I live in an upstairs apartment, in Turlock, CA. I have been feeling sick since they installed 16 smart meters on a panel 6 feet away from my building. I have developed respiratory problems and insomnia and anxiety and pressure in my head. They have checked me for physical problems and Dr. says there is nothing wrong with me and they keep prescribing me anxiety meds to help me sleep at night that are messing with my heart and my head.

In a desperate attempt to figure out what is wrong with me, I came across a website that revealed a possibility that I may be exposed to the smart meter radiation. My husband has also developed asthma, coughing, bloody nose headaches.

Since then I have left my home and have been getting sicker because I cannot find anyone that believes me. Can you please help me find out how to even test for the exposure in my body?

If I stay away from the meters are my symptoms reversible mainly the insomnia and the anxiety. I have never experienced such a thing before. I am exhausted and I cannot find a doctor to help me. Most doctors are oblivious to what I am suggesting.

8/12/2013 Dr. Laura Pressley: smart meter physiological effects

8/8/2013 Canadian Health Authority warns about cell phone/ fertility risks

8/04/2013 Distracted Walking

I’ve been doing my own research for 8 months now, and have definitely concluded that Smart Meters are causing this horrible humming noise in my home. It is ruining my life and is violating my rights as a human being. I noticed it in the rental house I was living in for 7 months. I went to my parent’s house to see if I heard it there and sure enough I did. I finally moved to the country in Sonoma County and it’s horrible here too. Each place has Smart Meters. It’s not like a normal sound from a refrigerator, etc. It’s a low frequency humming sound that actually hurts my ears. I can’t get to sleep and have had to run a fan or some noise to try to drown it out. But, since it vibrates in my ear, that is hard to do. I’ve gone online and millions are complaining of this humming noise. This is INSANE! If you do the research, you will find out how harmful these meters are. What are they going to do to our children, who are sleeping in the rooms where they are connected? PGE lied to us, sneaked into our homes to put these in, have not done proper testing, and are causing health problems to millions. Some counties in CA have banned them and I really hope it continues. I will have to ask my landlord if he is willing to opt out, and I will pay whatever to get peace again. This is torture. And yes, there are electrosensitive people out there for the person who said there aren’t. Ignorance! Cell phones even hurt my ears. They have even linked heavy cell phone usage to brain tumors. Wake up everyone! It’s time to stand up to this bullshit.

8/01/2013 Wireless Kills

7//30/2013 Cell tower collapses near San Ramon California

7/29/2013 Last Words

7/26/2013 Class action lawsuit filed against BC Hydro smart meters

Another reason to avoid new cars!

7/24/2013 Smart Meter: heros and bullies in Oklahoma

7/22/2013 Warren Woodward refutes utility lies and deceptions

7/15/2013 Le papier ne sera jamais morte

7/10/2013 PG&E denies smart meter fires

7/09/2013 Memphis councilman calls ‘smart meters’ new form of communism  “Communism, hacking, and even fire. Residents and politicians alike have said just about everything about MLGW installing smart meters. The resolution that sits before the Memphis City Council to exchange MLGW’s analog meters for digital smart meters is creating this talk.  “The smart meters are going to be entry points for hacking,” said resident Yvonne Burton.  She joined about 50 other people at city hall who are opposed to smart meters. They wore tags calling for a referendum in an attempt to stop the installation of smart meters.  City Council member Joe Brown called smart meters a new source of communism…”

Is Wi-Fi safe?

7/02/2013 News page UPDATED

6/30/2013 Cell and Cordless Phone Safety page UPDATED, Global EMF websites page UPDATED, EMF and RF World Concerns Summary UPDATED

6/29/2013 Chemicals in electronics can harm kids

6/24/2013 Toward a Smart Meter RECALL!

6/21/2013 Sedona Arizona- A Smart Meter Free Zone?

6/20/2013 Smart meter surveillance use confirmed

6/18/2013 Electrosmog- What Price Convenience? Radio Interview with Blake Levitt

6/14/2013 Osoyoos Indians ban smart meters from their land

6/13/2013FCC seeks comments on wireless risks

6/11/2013  Mass tort lawsuit filed over smart meter health injuries

6/10/2013 “For all these technologies we’re actually further apart, you know what I’m saying… Hello?

Showdown at the Airport Body Scanner
“As long as there’s the slightest chance of getting cancer from airport body scanners, I’m not walking through them.”

Where the public gets burned and corporations get rate increases

May 19, 2013 As Towns Say No, Signs of Rising Resistance to Smart Meters According to the NY TIMES  in October [2012], the City Council of Brady Texas voted unanimously to purchase smart electric meters for the city-owned electric utility.  Smart meter resistance advocates helped to recall the mayor and defeat election of two council members. “Voters here passed a referendum last weekend to enshrine in the City Charter the right of residents to refuse the installation of smart meters on their property.”

Australian government ordered to compensate worker with electromagnetic hypersensitivity “…The Tribunal found that Dr Alexander McDonald suffered a workplace injury when his alleged sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from office equipment, was made worse after the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) required him to trial the use of specially designed office equipment – such as a computer enclosed in a faraday cage – in a number of attempts to allow him to work in an modern office environment.” “In this case the perceptions, if any, of Dr McDonald are that the disorder (and therefore the ailment) from which he suffers is caused by exposure to EMF and that the aggravation of the disorder was caused by his exposure to EMF during the trials carried out by his employer,” Mr JW. Constance ruled.

“For these reasons I determine that Dr McDonald has suffered an aggravation of an ailment that was contributed to, to a significant degree, by his employment by CSIRO.”

I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate   “…This is my confession… Shills exist. They are real.”  This confession by a paid insider illustrates that industry hires people to  write comments on articles online to try to appear as if what the industry is promoting is what common people believe.

Union leaders oppose MLGW’s smart meter expansion  See this great short video clip which hits important points about the risk of fire, higher utility bills and meter readers as the safety team. MLGW stands for Memphis Light, Gas and Water, in Tennesee. “Meter readers are turning in 13,000 tickets a year of things they’re finding out in the field. Smart Meters will never find those things.”

Sign this petition to US Senators to reject President Obama’s nomination of Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC

FOX 5 Investigates: Smart meters spark controversy “I was walking to the seventh tee, when the pro came up and said,‘Jump in the car. We just got a call. Your house is on fire,” Michael Capetto said.  He lives in Upper Makefield, near Philadelphia, where the utility PECO this past summer reported at least 15 smart meters caught fire or got so hot, the meters melted. Similar fires have been reported in other states too.”…”..the meter sizzling inside the casing like a piece of bacon”

Cindy Sage Challenges the “Smart” in LADWP’s “Smart” Grid

Smart Meter Harm in Port St. Lucie Florida

CALL TO ACTION: Reject Obama’s Wheeler to head the FCC

Professor Olle Johansson Warns of Wireless DNA Damage

Are EMF’s Affecting Your Health?

5/2013 My family recently moved into a new home which has 4 smart meters, we had wifi also initially. I began feeling ill: symptoms included a sensation of electricity coursing through my body, headaches, my blood pressure soared, the sensation of my brain feeling like it was being squeezed, and a sensation of burning on my skin and eyes. I could not find relief anywhere in my home. The symptoms of my three sons are less than my own and more vague: headache, “feeling sick upon waking”, feeling a jolt type feeling sometimes.

I have purchased an RF meter but, even after much reading, still don’t understand the subject very well. I do know that my meter indicated that there are strong fields all over my home and very strong pulse points in four corners of my home from the smart meters. There is literally no place in my house that does not show high RF levels. I can’t escape from this feeling anywhere in my home and I even experience it where ever wifi is being used and even just near people using cell phones and near cell towers.

The effects that I feel from this exposure take a long to to subside even when I go to my father in laws where the meter shows no high levels of RF. I feel much, much better there but still have burning sensations on a much lower level. I have only been away from my home for about 12 hours now and can feel the symptoms greatly reduced.

I am afraid I am being caused permanent damage and most importantly that my young sons may be receiving damage from this exposure. They are only 7,7 (twins), and 10 years old. I am turning to you all for help because I am certain that I will not receive much help from the authorities. My own family cannot understand what is happening to me and to, I fear, my children. I am not crazy or imagining my symptoms. I hold a MA in Social Work, have a BA in psychology, have been employed in a professional setting for many years prior to the birth of my children. – Anon, Indiana, U.S.

May 2013 Illinois Governor Vetoes Smart Grid  According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn stated, “We cannot allow big utilities to take over and run roughshod over families and businesses,” He then stamped the veto with so much gusto that he sent a pen on the table tumbling to the floor. “We’re not going to let the utilities run Illinois.”

May 3, 2013 Peevey’s Priority: Senate Hearing or Napa Winery?  “The embattled president of the California Public Utilities Commission recently ignored the call to answer tough questions by state senators in Sacramento and instead decided to attend a conference at an exclusive Napa resort and a reception at an upscale winery in St. Helena, both of which were captured on hidden camera by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit.”

4/29/2013 I am a 31 year old Female and I reside in Plantation, FL. I would say I started to notice major health concerns since the FPL Smart meter was put beside our bedroom window and it did me in. It gradually kept giving me headaches. Also, I have permanent retainers  from wearing braces, behind my bottom and top teeth. Anytime a wi-fi or cell signal passes me I get a metal taste in my mouth. My Smart Meter peak occurred when I was in a deep sleep around 6:00am and was awaken to massive pressure in my head. It felt like my brain was on fire and it wanted to explode all at the same time. I woke up  frantically  screaming . I was holding my head and I had my husband scared. I hurried out of the bedroom still holding my head.

We were up all morning trying to figure out what it was. I felt as if my brain had burned. I knew it was from the Smart Meter because I was feeling it a little more each day. I called to have the Smart meter removed. For the rest of the week I felt the left side of my head and face numb. I couldn’t speak properly or concentrate. Since then I have not been the same. I have a very difficult time concentrating. The newest thing that is occurring is that I feel my skin burning. I feel the top of my head burning as well.

Since the whole Smart meter incident we have removed our home wi-fi and we put our cell phones on airplane mode. What is killing me though is that our entire community not only has Smart Meters but our association just made a deal with AT&T and every house has U-verse. Each house has a wireless modem which transmits wi-fi and television. Even though we had our wi-fi turned off from the modem we also had the company run all the cable lines through the attic to the rooms for television. Our houses are so close together that our house gets both of our neighbors signals from each side. – Florida resident

BC HYDRO Cuts Power for Refusing a Smart Meter: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANNOUNCED

4/24/2013 Pepco lied, just like PG&E

4/22/2013 San Diego Earth Day Fair

4/18/2013 “Take Back Your Power”- a Sebastopol success!

4/13/2013 Injured by smart meters? Class action lawsuit forming

Take Back Your Power film screenings in CA and NY

Electromagnetic hypersensitive Finns: Symptoms, perceived sources and treatments, a questionnaire study. Hagström M, Auranen J, Ekman R.

Opinion: Cell Phone Health Risk?  Security concerns during the Cold War may have led to the generation of misinformation on the physiological effects of microwave radiation from mobile phones.- Allan H. Frey, The Scientist, September 25, 2012

Cell Phone Carriers & the FCC: Cozy & Colluding   An Industry Insider Speaks Out “The carriers and the FCC have an extremely cozy relationship,” said the engineer. “Whenever there’s a problem, someone in the FCC’s RF safety office warns the carrier and the company then puts the ‘fire’ out.”

4/9/2013 Speak Up! Oppose Smart Meters and Extortion “Opt-Out” Fees at the CPUC on Thursday April 18th 9:30 am

4/6/2013 Special Film Showing in Sebastopol on Wed. April 17 at 7pm “Take Back Your Power: The “Smart Meter” Agenda Unveiled”

4/4/2013 PG&E fined $390,000 for spying

3/30/2013  Smart Meter protest at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village California on March 20th 2013. Executives for all the major companies promoting smart grid and smart meter technology gather for a three day conference. Liz Barris leads the charge at this protest and holds nothing back.

Australia Smart Meter Forum: Wireless effects on health

President’s Cancer Panel: Environmentally caused cancers are ‘grossly underestimated’ and ‘needlessly devastate American lives.’ — Environmental Health News

“Two Children May Have Died for You to Have Your Mobile Phone”  “It’s possible that two children died so that you could have that mobile phone,” says Jean-Bertin, a 34-year-old Congolese activist who wants to end the “absolute silence” around the crimes committed in his country to exploit strategic raw materials like coltan.

Your Phone vs. Your Heart  NY Times: “CAN you remember the last time you were in a public space in America and didn’t notice that half the people around you were bent over a digital screen, thumbing a connection to somewhere else?”

Family with young children forced to live in the cold and without power for refusing a LADWP Smart Meter

2013/ I am the proud parent of six, of the six children we have four children who are under the age of six. In July of last year the LADWP placed on our home a RF meter, the RF meter was placed on the back of our home which is directly located about 25 to 30 feet away from the LADWP power pole that is located on our property. In July of last year our children started to exhibit health symptoms and health signs that alarmed myself and my husband. The children began to have fevers out of no where, essentially their bodies were boiling and their fevers would go from 101 to 104 and sometimes to 105. My husband is a Clinical Partner at Cedar Sinai Hospital in the ICU so he is versed in the area of taking care of patients in extreme health decline, but he was not prepared to handle the weekly and monthly bouts that our smaller children began to have. Our children also began to have problems with the inability to control their bodily fluids, our five year old began peeing and pooping herself, our four year began to display the same problems, soon many of the smaller children were all displaying these symptoms and concerns. The children became depressed, and essentially we began to realize that our children were not the children who we cared for prior to the RF meter being placed on our property. We were the only family in our area to have this new meter so we do not have a frame of reference in our community to measure the health side effects against. Please help us, we are good honest people who have suffered for the past few months trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

3/23/2013 West Kelowna man claims Smart Meters are killing him  “…an Okanagan man claims the meters may be interfering with an important medical device – his pacemaker.  Jerry Smith, 70, of West Kelowna is partially paralyzed as a result of the 10 strokes he’s had since last August….”

Woman Shocked in Shower by Stray Voltage Wins $4 Million Lawsuit  Simona Wilson, 34, a single mother of three boys, has suffered from major medical problems as a result of “stray voltage” from a nearby substation.

3/21/2013 FCC chairman announces resignation – The Washington Post  “Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and friend of the president, announced his resignation Friday.

He will be leaving the FCC after a mixed tenure that has disappointed some of the consumer groups that were his earliest supporters, but that also sketched a plan to bring Americans more access to broadband Internet for years ahead.”…

3/20/2013 Americans Beware: Nationwide Violations of FCC Radiation Limits at Wireless Antenna Sites

This 173-page report “Analysis: Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems – Legislative Proposal” by activist Nina Beety has extensive referenced information about many of the problems and risks of the Smart Meter program, with information from state, national, and international resources. Supplemental documents can be downloaded here.

Smart Meter Health Impacts- Testimony

Catastrophic’ cyberattack could hit utilities like PG&E “…the California Public Utilities Commission is considering rules to bolster cybersecurity protections. The agency, which held the forum Sample attended, warned in a recent report that utilities are becoming increasingly vulnerable as their networks add smart meters and other computerized gear…””…All it would take to cause havoc is a $60 smartphone application, which an attacker could use to wirelessly communicate with one of the key computerized systems that utilities depend on to control their operations, according to a study by security firm Pike Research.

Currently, “many attacks simply cannot be defended,” it concluded. “Utility cybersecurity is in a state of near chaos.”

3/9/2013 Letter to the Press Democrat: PG&E Smart Meters vs. Sebastopol

3/6/2013 PG&E whistleblower speaks out about Smart Meter fires and fraud

Israeli scientists find possible link between cellphone use, thyroid cancer  Findings are ‘first evidence of changes in thyroid cells in response to electromagnetic radiation’ says researcher, ‘but drawing sweeping conclusions … is still far off.’

3/5/2013 PG&E to escalate Smart Meter deployment in Sebastopol?

Belgium: Cell phone sales and advertising ban to protect children There will no longer be advertising specifically targeting children younger than 14 years of age. Sellers will be obliged to inform their customers of the “specific absorption rate” of mobile phones, that is, the level of radiation of the device. The sale of mobile phones specifically designed for young children up to age 7 will be banned in Belgium.

Cindy Sage : Our Wireless World: A Commercial Bonanza for Big Business, A Train Wreck for the Health of the Consumer

Wireless Refugees: ‘Cell Phones, WiFi Making Us Sick’

3/1/2013 CPUC President Peevey to public: “Shut Up”!

2/28/2013 Smart Meter news report: “Be bold enough to say NO”

2/22/2013 Sebastopol makes Smart Meter installations illegal- $500 fine

2/15/2013 Sebastopol stand up against PG&E Smart Meters! Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday 2/19

2/9/2013 Harvard doctor warns against wireless hazards

2/7/2013 SMUD holds Smart Meter workshop February 21, 6 pm

2/6/2013 Briefs filed in CPUC Smart Meter opt-out proceeding

2/4/2013 Chasing off Smart Meter installers in Sebastopol

1/28/2013 PG&E doesn’t care, a kid’s perspective

1/20/2012 Resonance: Beings of Frequency (documentary film)

1/5/2012 BioInitiative 2012 Report: new urgent warnings on wireless and EMF public health risks

12/21/2012 CPUC Smart Meter Judge Gets an Earful in Santa Rosa

11/29/2012 Wonder what happened to PG&E’s analog meters?

Examiner: Something is still wrong with the smart meters Writer Norman Lambe outlines his concerns regarding smart meters and gas explosions. “A glitch in the construction of the meters soon became apparent to the installers, and created a situation in which arcing could take place creating a spark, and if a natural gas leak existed anywhere in the vicinity serious problems could result, as witnessed to by the San
Bruno explosion.”  He calls for a federal probe on the possible connection between Smart Meters and gas explosions stating, ” I believe it is time for a federal probe into finding out once and for all the responsibility for the natural gas explosions taking place to
determine if the smart meters are responsible.”

11/27/2012 Fire captain finds hazardous power surges follow Smart Meter installations

11/26/2012 Nevada PUC set to vote against utility customers

Smart Meter man

Is Your Cell Phone Making You a Jerk?

11/20/2012 New Page Added: EMF Safety Network Legal Work

11/17/2012 Smart Meter Infrastructure

11/16/2012 Who should pay the costs of restoring analog meters?

11/15/2012 DONATE page updated

11/14/2012 TAKE ACTION page has been updated

11/14/2012 CPUC Evidentiary Hearings

SPECIAL REPORT: Keeping cell phone in bra may lead to breast cancer KTVU News

11/13/2012 Public Hearings on Smart Meters December 13- 20, 2012

Secondhand radiation can be considerable according to a newly published study.

10/19/2012 Italian Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

10/16/2012 Willits Man Refuses to Pay Extortion Fees to Retain Analog Meter, PG&E Threatens Power Cut

10/10/2010 Northern Illinois Utility ComEd puts brakes on smart meter rollout after rate dispute

The Perils of Texting While Parenting: (Wall Street Journal) Are too many parents distracted by mobile devices when they should be watching their kids? A recent rise in injuries, reversing the longstanding trend, has doctors worried that the answer is yes.

10/09/2012 CPUC smart meter opt out testimony

10/07/2012 Criminal Investigation of Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees Requested in Maine!

10/06/2012 Take Back Your Power!

10/05/2012 Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Smart Meters & EMR – The Health Crisis Of Our Time

10/04/2012 National Day of Action: Health and Safety Advocates Say ‘Smart Meters’ – Not So Smart

10/3/2012 “Smart” Water Meter or NO water!

10/02/2012 Allan Frey Opinion: Cell Phone Health Risk? The Scientist

9/27/2012 Maker of Smart-Grid Control Software Hacked 

Smart Meter, Dumb Idea? Wall Street Journal online

Fairfield Iowa water department proposed to halt implementation of smart water meters and to reimburse citizens for opt-out fees for the smart water meters.

Olvera, Spain, is First Town to Become “Electromagnetic Pollution-Free” by Unanimous Approval of its City Council

From The Ecologist: Is your smartphone damaging your health?

9/19/2012 Georgia Family reports Smart Meter fire. (See video available here)

9/12/2012 Separating Industry Fiction from Facts

Michigan PSC Orders All Utilities to Offer Smart Meter Opt Out!

9/02/2012 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: smart meter class action begins

Three states utility regulators investigating Smart Meter fires

8/30/2012  Chicago Utility Company admits to Smart Meter related fires 

8/29/2012 KPFA interview – Smart Meter Lawsuit

Classics: the spy on the house

8/26/2012 Toxic lightbulbs/ busting the green myth
8/25/2012 Woman wants electric company to replace TV (Texas) ” Long blames the installation of a smart meter at her house for shorting out her flat screen and causing her microwave to act up. She also said her radio now broadcasts more static than music. “I left the house (to run some errands) and when I came back, nothing was working,” …It appears an electrical surge fried the TV set and might be responsible for putting the microwave on the fritz. At least, that’s what Long said her electrician told her.”

8/23/2012 Houston Smart Meter Fire (KHOU news- video)

8/22/2012 PG&E “Ralph” Investigation

Home owner blames smart meter installation for destructive fire (Global TV BC News)

All Your Records Are Belong to U.S.  “Twice in the last month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed that the government can access records about you held by third parties without getting a warrant. It’s a nice illustration of the broad and deep reach of the “third party doctrine.”

Philadelphia Utility Company Halts smart meter installation due to fire risk

8/12/2012 Power mishap damages appliances for Livermore residents

8/10/2012 O Accountability, Where Art Thou?

8/4/2012 Melted Smart Meter

8/3/ 2012 Fire guts Mission home after BC Hydro smart meter installed

7/28/2012 Texas woman pulls gun to stop Smart Meter installation

Sandi Maurer interview on KSRO (note: mis-statement 177,000 on PG&E delay list)

7/27/2012 Prenatal EMF Exposures Can Lead to Childhood Obesity

7/26/2012  EMF Safety Network Files Lawsuit Against the CPUC over Smart Meters

Dr. Magda Havas: “Cherry Picking and Black Swans”

7/12/2012  Court sides with smart-meter foes on health issues  PORTLAND — The Maine Public Utilities Commission failed to resolve health and safety issues related to Central Maine Power Co.’s installation of smart meters and should now do so, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court has ruled.

7/3/2012 We are suing the CPUC!

Donate NOW!  page has been updated.

TAKE ACTION page has been updated.

6/29/2010 Medical and Scientific Experts Call for Safe Technologies in Schools

6/20/2012 Residential fire erupts one day after a Smart Meter was installed. Fire Investigators looking into the cause. http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=1280

6/17/2012 Dr. Devra Davis, “Cell Phone Dangers”

6/16/2012 Does the FCC Plan to Rubber Stamp Outdated Cell Phone Radiation Standards?

6/14/2012 Join Multi-Unit Residents Speaking Out About Smart Meters! CPUC June 21

Download stop tower flyer/ Occidental, sign petition attend: August 7- Santa Rosa

6/12/2012 Ashland drops smart meter opt-out fee

Smart meters are ‘massive surveillance’ tech – privacy supremo/ The European Data Protection Supervisor has warned that smart meters are a significant privacy threat and wants limits on the retention and use of customer data before it’s too late.

6/11/2012 CPUC Smart Meter Public Hearings: Choosing Four Locations

6/6/2012 Ojai CA bans Smart Meters, Smart Meter page updated

6/2/2012 NEW Resource: Reference List for Wireless Health Impacts

5/23/2012 Cell Phones and Breasts- A Bad Connection

5/22/2012 CPUC Smart Meter Opt-Out Proceeding Phase 2 Begins

“You Ain’t Nothin But a Dumb Meter”- Spotlight on Ellen and Tobie Cecil

5/08/2012 SCE Commercial Smart Meter opt-out letter

5/07/2012 Vermont Legislature Adopts Free Smart Meter Opt-Out

5/04/2012  NEWS:  Electrical pollution: Are we being poisoned? Fueled in part by studies that show children exposed to heavy levels of electromagnetic fields have a greater chance of developing leukemia, several countries in the European Union have established strict safety thresholds – limits far below what’s commonplace in the United States. Houston KRIV TV, Texas.

5/03/2012 Call for Smart Meter Declarations

5/01/2012 SDG&E Says Smart Meter Opt-Out charge is a “Penalty Fee”

TAKE ACTION page updated

4/29/2012 Sonic.net Inc. Internet Provider CEO: “I Hate Wireless.”

4/25/2012 PG&E’s spying may cost them

4/20/2012 Commercial PG&E smart meter opt-out letter

SCE and SDG&E- smart meter opt-out approved!

Pepco Meter Mania! Most people just hate Pepco’s service. Some say the utility is making them sick.

4/18/2012 Is the electrical grid the next Titanic?

Take Action page updated.

4/16/2012 Thousand Oaks City Council supports No Cost Analogs for SCE Customers

4/14/2012 What to do-PG&E’s May 1 smart meter opt-out deadline

04/12/12 Industry insiders: insufficient security controls for smart meters Homeland Security News

World In Crisis- Smart Grid 100% Unsafe

April 11, 2012  FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread– series of attacks cost Utility hundreds of millions of dollars.

April 5,2012 PG&E smart meter assessment report

We Are EMR Guinea Pigs, video by Jerry day- discusses smart grid surveillance, privacy invasion and poses that saturating the environment with electromagnetic radiation is mass murder. “Electromagnetic radiation dismantles you from the inside out.”

4/3/2012 Ban wireless smart meters- Petition to sign

3/30/2012 Open letter to the Premier from a doctor

3/28/2012 Dear Ms. Burt

3/26/2012 Health risks of nuclear and wireless radiation compared

3/24/2012  “That’s right. Your refrigerator is a snitch and your television is watching you back.  Where on earth do I get these crazy, paranoid ideas?  Why from the news, of course, and from the Director of the CIA himself, David Petraeus.  No folks, I’m not making it up.  Petraeus says that web-connected gadgets will ‘transform’ the art of spying – allowing spies to monitor people automatically without planting bugs, breaking and entering, or even donning a tuxedo to infiltrate a dinner party.”  Goodman Green- Brasscheck  Watch the video!

The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says net-connected gadgets will ‘transform’ surveillance.  “Spies will no longer have to plant bugs in your home – the rise of ‘connected’ gadgets controlled by apps will mean that people ‘bug’ their own homes, says CIA director David Petraeus…The CIA claims it will be able to ‘read’ these devices via the internet – and perhaps even via radio waves from outside the home.”

3/17/2012 SMUD shenanigans

3/16/2012 Start at 53:30 on video-listen to SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) plotting to discourage smart meter opt by leveraging extortion fees!

3/15/2012 Florida report: State Fire Marshal working with St. Lucie Fire District to review smart meter safety on Treasure Coast

Smart Meter Fires and Explosions page has been updated

3/14/2012 Smart meter video Australia

3/13/2012 7 on your side, PG&E smart meters fees video

BC Hydro smart meter bills skyrocketing

3/11/2012 Smart Meter health complaints and complaints updated

3/4/2012 Fundraiser: March 26, 7 pm Sebastopol

3/1/2012 Knesset (Israel) backs bill requiring cell phones to bear health hazard warning  The labels will read ‘Warning – the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.’ A bill requiring all cellphones sold in Israel to bear a health-hazard warning label passed its first of three readings into law on Wednesday.

From Norman Lambe (LA Home and Business Insurance Examiner).  “For myself, as an adjuster, I believe the Smart Meters are a real a threat to the safety of your home, business and property. I have personally worked two large homeowner fires in which the Smart Meters were determined as responsible. Also, they have been responsible for several small fires in which appliances and computers have been destroyed.”

Australia: Electrical Trades Union again calls for suspension of smart meter rollout

“THE state’s electrical union fears someone will have to die before safety concerns about controversial smart meters are addressed…The Electrical Trades Union has repeated demands to suspend the rollout until power companies commit to mounting all meters on flame-resistant boards.”

ETU secretary Dean Mighell said about half a dozen more damaged meters had “exploded” since last week in Hadfield, Coburg and Pascoe Vale.  About 1700 homes in the Pascoe Vale area had been affected by power surges, he said.  Power supplier Jemena has replaced six smart meters around Pascoe Vale that failed during a power surge in early January.  Spokesman Scott Parker said a further 55 would be replaced by next Wednesday as a precaution.”

2/24/2012  Goleta, CA City Council asks for free opt-out

2/23/2012 Palo Alto, CA the center of California’s High Tech Silicon Valley, Rejects Smart Meters.

2/20/2011 Shady smart meter cop-out

2/18/2011 Understanding PG&E Smart Meter Opt-Out fees

2/11/2012 Vermont Smart Meter Briefing 2012- Cindy Sage and Dr. Carpenter

2/8/2012 Power grid updates left system vulnerable to cyberattacks, auditors say

College project: 90 days without cell phone, social media

2/4/2012 Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has again defended the roll-out of smart meters, amid concerns they are causing a growing number of house fires.

2/3/2012 New report calls for protecting children and expecting mothers from cell phone radiation

Would you give your child the keys to the car or a shot of whiskey just because she really wanted it? Why iPads and iPhones are Not Kids’ Toys

On October 22nd of 2011, my life changed forever. I was sitting writing a letter to my daughter, and I began to get stinging, shooting pains in my jaw and ear area…(More)

For over a year my parents have been waiting to have their smart meter replaced with an analog meter for health reasons. PGE has been unresponsive and neglected my parents health and their request to have the smart meter removed. (More)

2/1/2012 CPUC votes to allow PG&E to charge fees

UK: Smart meters for energy to be voluntary/ Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears.

1/23/2012 EMF Health damage from sick apartment Living with magnetic fields from bad wiring under the floor, swollen feet and ankles, rotting toe nails and gaping leg sores…

American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters

1/19/2012 Top public health official report: Smart Meters DO pose a health risk!

1/17/2012 Revised PG&E smart meter opt-out proposal now available

1/14/2012 Could Internet Addiction Disrupt Brain’s Connections? “A small Chinese study suggests that the brains of teenagers who are seemingly addicted to the Internet have abnormal “white matter,” the biological insulation that surrounds the wiring between neurons.”

1/13/2012 International doctors criticize “Economist” article on wireless risks – call for retraction

1/12/2012 EMF Safety Network files lawsuit against Sebastopol 4G cell tower

1/10/12 Mount Shasta takes stand against smartmeters

Smart electricity meters can be used to spy on private homes

1/6/2011 New study posted:  Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Fact or fiction?
Stephen J. Genuisa,a  Christopher T. Lipp,b  http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=609

Dr. David Carpenter and Josh Hart talk with Dr. Gary Null on NY radio about wireless health risks (brain cancer and leukemia) from smart meters. http://www.progressiveradionetwork.com/progressive-commentary-hour/   

12/21/2011 Smart Meter SCAM

12/19/2011 PG&E supports analog meter option

12/16/2011 PG&E backs down

Santa Cruz Smart Meter Rebels 1, PG&E 0

Explosion during SmartMeter installation leaves Florida utility sub contractor with 2nd and third degree burns from arcing.

12/15/2011PG&E cuts power for Smart Meter refusal

12/14/2011  New Troubles With Smart Meters  PG&E cuts power after mother restored analog to protect children suffering headaches and bloody noses. KSBW News

PG&E cuts power to three SmartMeter opponents

U.S. Safety Board Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers

12/10/2011 “Smart Meters should be banned”

12/08/09 Angry customers return smart meters

12/07/2011 Why is NV Energy’s Smart Meter Grant, Associated With The DOD’s Research & Development Division?

12/06/2011 Melted smart meter at heart of SF house fire

12/04/2011Replacing your smart meter

11/30/2011 Nevada News investigates public complaints with Smart Meters, including cost, privacy and health. Smart Meter News

11/29/2011 Help is on the Way! Submit Your Complaint Today at SmartMeterHelp.Com

11/28/2011 Industry safety assurances unwise

11/27/2011 Scientists warn solar flares could disrupt power grid: “…the entire power grid could get zapped, which could cause trillions of dollars of damage.”

11/26/2011 Wifi computer study: significant decrease in progressive sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.

11/22/2011 Opt out OUTRAGE!

11/21/2011 I am writing in regards to Smart Meters that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Over the past 6-7 months I have recently developed Tinnitus, Migraines and Blurred sensitive vision. (More)

11/19/2011 Dr Andrew Goldsworthy on WI-FI in Schools

Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports

Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference

Electronics on the fritz? Maine Public Advocate says it could be smart meters

11/16/2011 Smart meter foes file to put issue to voters Naperville Illinois

11/15/2011  Cyber-security of power grid in ‘near chaos,’ PIKE Research report says

11/15/2011 As you may have noticed I have coined the term S&Ms for Smart Meters , because the (S)adistic electric companies are installing these monsters and it could only be (M)asochists who would want to Opt-In to have them installed. (More)

11/14/2011 I do not have a SmartMeter on my house and most of my neighbors don’t. But as the meters have increased nearby the ringing in our ears is near constant here and sometimes intolerable. (More)

11/11/2011 Smart Meter Critics Say Devices Are Not Smart Or Safe NBC News Los Angeles

11/09/2011 I was switched on to a Smart Meter without my consent. ( a notice was sent out only) Since that time, I’ve had issues with severe anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, headaches, buzzing and ringing in my ears…(More)

11/08/2011 Since the smart meters were installed, I have difficulty breathing, have headaches which I never had, sleep problems, balance problems…(More)

I am having serious health issues since the meter was installed. And, not prior. My home has become toxic. (More)

Japanese engineer calling for a life without electricity

11/07/2011 CEO Brian Stein, “I am EMF sensitive”

11/06/2011 Dr. Slesin: Cell phone study safety claims: “bias run amuck”

11/07/2011 Some homeowners worry installing new ‘smart meters’ could spark fires  (More)

In Australia, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade launched an official investigation into fires, linked to Smart Meters. (More)

11/6/2011 My family and I have been experiencing negative health effects since the smart meter was installed. (More)

11/3/2011 PG&E’s Big Confession

Smart Meters Talk Alot (SF Gate)

The Danish Cohort Study: The Politics and Economics of Bias

How to remove the dumb meter

11/1/2011 Disconnect video trailer: http://vimeo.com/31336824

Ever since the Smart Meter has been installed in my house I have suffered insomnia, constant headaches and…(More)

10/31/2011 Family forced to move after suffering health problems,Smart Meter refugees, since neighbors meter installed (Australia)

10/25/2011 In May of 2010 they installed a RF Smart Meter. Between then and June 2011, I had made four trips to an ER for heart palpitations, tinnitus, extreme fatigue with mental confusion and inability to sleep. (More)

CPUC Stuck In Culture of Corruption

10/20/2011 Stop Funding Harmful Smart Meter Electrosmog

10/18/2011 My desk is on the other side of the wall from the smart meter.
I am 42 and in excellent health. However, since this was put on our home without any permission I have had severe headaches and my right eye is twitching now uncontrollably. (More)

Kids Absorb More Radiation From Cellphones Than Adults, Report Says

10/14/2011 From January 2011 regarding Smart Meter skyrocketing bills: “We eventually had to move because we couldn’t pay the utility bills,” she says. “Now I have a $9,000 bill on my credit report.” Rage Against the Machine

10/12/2011 I have very disturbing symptoms after living for a year and a half sandwiched between 30 gas smart meters on one side and 30 electric smart meters on the other side. (More)


10/09/2011 Tampering defined

Empowering Choices post updated

10/04/2011 San Francisco recommends cell phone precautions

10/01/2011British Columbia Cities call on Hydro to freeze smart meter push

9/29/2011 Smart meter leaves owners dumbfounded After an attempted smart meter installation went bad, a British Columbia Canada home was left with no power, and the utility company told them they had to hire an electrician to fix the problem.   “It is really upsetting,” Rieke told The Richmond Review. “They’re trying to tell you you’re at fault, that it’s a fire hazard and that you’re responsible.” More

Wireless microwaves made visible

Edison installed a new smart meter yesterday. I did not sleep last night. There is something going on in my head and body. I have ringing in my ears at a very high pitch. (More)

9/22/2011 Peevey OKs Analogs!

9/17/2011 I have had severe headaches since a Smart Meter was installed on my house. When I leave to visit my Mom in a place where there are no Smart Meters, my headaches subside. As soon as I come home, the headaches return. (More)

9/16/2011  The Solvang City Council voted to send a letter to the CPUC asking for a Smart Meter no cost opt out.

‘Wi-fi refugees’ shelter in West Virginia mountains

This is becoming such a critical issue all over the globe, including my soon-to-be “former home” of 23 years: the city of Burbank, CA. I am being forced to leave the city that I have loved living in, where I have friends and family and community ties. The place that I thought of as a safe and friendly haven.

I began to experience severe health affects within 5 hours of the installation of 4 GE Trilliant smart meters on my small apartment complex on 7/28/2011. (More)

9/14/2011  Survey results: wireless meters impact health and safety

9/12/2011 Australia Power scandal exposed An explosive investigation into the massive mistakes being made with power bills reveals serious flaws that affect nearly every electricity user.

Since PG&E put in their ‘smartmeter’ (oxymoron), I wake up with a headache every day and I am always tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have been depressed, lethargic and forgetful. I have so much trouble thinking clearly, it interferes with my daily functioning. (More)

9/10/2011 More Smart Meter Snake Oil- Glendale News Opinion “Does anyone with a shred of common sense need another energy consuming gadget to advise them that when they lower temperatures or activate air conditioners, power use will either decline or rise in use? We should be working with what we have — our brain.”

Smart Meters, Freedom of Choice

9/08/2011 “From Dec 2010 to April 2011 four ‘smart meters’ were installed within 20 feet of our bed. Since that time we’ve experienced headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and insomnia, ONLY when we sleep in our bed in this house.” (more)

Diane Nagby commented on the article (SDG&E: Few Have Health Complaints About Smart Meters): “It is clear there was no concern for the health or well-being of the general public prior to rolling out the smart meter. Auto companies are required to do recalls on automobiles when it is determined there is the slightest defect that may be a safety issue to consumers. Why are the utility companies not being held to the same standard of care as the auto industry? (More)

Woman restores analog meter to protect husband

9/07/2011 Mast-Victims.Org an online community where people “living under the threat of masts and antennas can record their case histories and share their thoughts online.” posted on Electrical Sensitivity

9/04/2011 Palo Alto CA, Power surge, raises questions about Smart Meters, “a good example of how sometimes the old way is the good way”.

8/30/2011 I have made three prior telephone requests advising SDGE of the serious side effects concerning my health since the installation of the smart meter device at my home. Three different individuals came out to my house on three separate occasions, all armed with the same propaganda, the same zero concern for my health or the safety of my home. (more)

I currently have a 4 bedroom house that I can only use two bedrooms of due to the radiation being emitted from your smart meters. (more)

Wireless: the new invisible pollution

8/29/2011 I have spent the past 22 days living out of my car, finding shelter at various friends’ homes in the evening. The temperatures in Southern California have been in the high 90s and over. I am exhausted, frightened, and do not know where to turn. (more)

Recently I tried to spend the night in a neighborhood that had Smart Meters, in a home that was on the delay list and did not have one. After 8 hours, I was so ill I had to drive out of there at 2:30 in the morning (more)

8/26/2011 How radiation emissions of cell phone, microwave compare to ‘Smart’Meter

8/25/2011 Driven Out by Power Line (PLC) Signals (more)

Crossing the line with microwaves

8/24/2011 Fridge blows after smart meter installed

Victoria Canada calls for a moratorium on microwave meters

8/23/2011Locking ring cut by SCE

8/22/2011 Man disputes $11,857 bill from PG&E “It may be the biggest PG&E bill in Kern County. A business owner contacted 17 News after PG&E sent him a bill for nearly $12,000 for a piece of farm equipment that hasn’t been running on any electricity for the past three months…”  “PG&E can cover up some things with the homeowners. It might be $50 or $75. That stuffs easy,” Paul said. “They can justify the rate changes, but it’s obvious that there’s something wrong with that SmartMeter.”

“This is the aftermath of one of those new smart meters not being properly installed. (more)

Action Line: Remodeler finds SmartMeter interference with circuit breakers (more)



8/21/2011 Survey: 77% of IT Security Professionals Concerned about Smart Grid Cyber Security

Power cuts, by remote: TVs, air conditioners and fridges could be switched off remotely by power companies during peak times under plans to rein in households’ demand for electricity.

8/18/2011 My name is Diane Nagby and I and my pets are also a victim of the Smart Meter. Dizziness, ringing in my ears, insomnia, nausea, rapid heart beat. I had none of these problems prior to the installation of the Smart Meter. (more)

8/17/2011 “Wow. I just had a hugely unpleasant encounter with a couple of guys from PG&E who wanted to install a smart meter at my house…” (more)

8/16/2011 The next scene in smart meter wars: Hacking? SF Chronicle

8/15/2011 Surge in electric hostility

8/14/2011 Our addiction to technology trumps caffeine, chocolate and alcohol – latimes.com

Ex-CIA chief Slams Smart Grid

8/12/2011 New handout- Dumb Meters are Costing us!

Pulsed Radiation Nightmare

Could Hackers Break into Your Electric Meter? | Solar at Home, Scientific American Blog Network

8/11/2011 Maine Utility Removed Smart Meter From Home because it interfered with the security system-Restoring the analog took 5 minutes

Santa Barbara City Council votes to send letter to CPUC asking for more research on health impacts. Smart Meters Hit City Hall

8/06/2011 Dirty Meters

San Francisco water district installs meters similar to controversial SmartMeters abc7news.com

SmartMeter opponents to seek sheriff recall over enforcement of county moratorium

8/2/2011 NEW! CA flyer:  Restore the Analog Utility Meters

NEW! PG&E flyer: Avoid PG&E Smart Meters for Free!

Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring

8/1/2011  Smart meters in Sweden: Accommodating people with EHS

Prenatal Exposure to Weak Magnetic Fields Leads to Childhood Asthma First Prospective EMF Epidemiological Study Ever Done

CA utilities to microwave 5000 homes

More Q and A with PG&E (this document includes PG&E’s responses regarding how often meters transmit RF, in 2-20 millisecond pulses, 45 seconds a day – (a second is 1000 milliseconds)

http://www.concienciaradio.com/nosmartmeters/ Spanish site (under construction)

7/29/2011 People vs. PG$E

7/27/2011 CPUC, utilities meet to discuss Smartmeter opt-out

B.C. Greens want smart-meter program stopped

7/26/2011 Smart Meter Debate- Santa Cruz Community TV

7/25/2011 Contact 13: The Bottom Line on SmartMeters Nevada News

Protecting children from mobile radiation Kevin S O’Neill, Neurosurgeon

7/16/2011 Oh, Say Can You See

7/15/2011 Smart Meters: Switch and Fry?

Electrician Steps Up When CenterPoint Won’t

Frankly when the electrical shocks in my body began at random I didn’t connect the dots to a smart Meter issue. (more)

Airport body scanners: MEPs demand strict safeguards

7/14/2011 Not-So-Smart Meter Leaving Grandmother, Children in the Heat Houston Texas

Save the Humans

Marina opposes smart meters

7/13/2011 Gulf Islanders rally to stop smart meters

7/12/2011 NEW! Wireless Utility Meter Survey

Dumb! Meter Song

7/11/2011 On Dec. 31st, 2010, approx. 22 smart meters were installed in our building. They are directly under our apartment. On Jan. 26, 2011, my husband, while sleeping, suffered a tonic clonic seizure. (more)

7/09/2011 Harmful Radio Waves- The Invisible Health Threat Of Wireless SmartMeters by Kate Bernier

7/08/2011 NEWS  Study downplaying cellphone risks funded by manufacturers

7/07/2011 Smart Meter Fires and Explosions Page has been updated, new comments added: (more)



7/06/2011 Appling Family Blames House Fire On Georgia Power Meter- News Video (more)



Smart Meters Generate Heavy Protest as Santa Barbara County Supervisors Hear from Public Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors votes to send a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission requesting a free opt-out option for local customers.

Smart Meter Smack Down Utility Companies Blistered from All Sides over Eco-Friendly Energy Meters

San Jose Mercury News editorial: PUC president must resign

7/05/2011 PG&E recently installed ‘smart’ meters in my neighborhood. They do not tell you when they will come, but warn you to shut off things like computers that might be damaged when power is restored. When I arrived home, I only had power in my kitchen. The PGE repairman said that installation of smart meters was frying many meter receiver boxes. (more)

NEW! 2010 Complaints from California Public Utilities Commission  2010_PGE_Smart_Meter_Complaints

7/03/2011 Smart Meter Surveillance

Wired but tired: is modern life draining your energy? The Ecologist

“This is a health issue,” Pauline Holeton said. “I’m sensitive to electromagnetic fields. I got a smart meter put on my house in November and got it taken out in January. I told them I would take a chainsaw and rip it off if they didn’t come out and get it. I now have the old analog meter.” Michigan News story

7/02/2011 One Person Cited, Another Arrested At Smartmeter Protest KTVU News

“Smart” Meters Exposed: Monterrey Green party meeting, video in four parts with Josh Hart and Nina Beety

7/1/2011 EPIC has filed a lawsuit to suspend the deployment of body scanners at US airports

National Audit Office slams UK’s smart meter roll out plan

6/29/2011 Why the power grid is becoming more dangerous as it gets smarter

6/28/2011 Smart Meter Arcing Hazard

CAPITOLA, CA: Protesters Ready To Fight Installation Of Smart Meters KTVU

6/27/2011 Renewable energy project warning to CA cities

Google Kills off Health, Power Meters

Capitola Tries to Stop Smart Meters (KSBW TV video)

6/23/2011 NEW! Tell the CPUC- Restore the Analog Meters!

6/21/2011 Childhood autism spikes in geek heartlands

After a Smart Meter was installed in this Florida woman’s home she said the meter “caught fire and fried my beautiful new kitchen” – over $31,000 in damages to many of her home appliances.  The Florida power company refuses to take the blame. See this video:  Help Me Howard, FPL Smartmeter

Fire Tears Through Cutlet Bay Home A family in Florida suspects a Smart Meter was the cause of their house fire. (more)

6/19/2011 Danger in the Air?

6/18/2011 SF Woman Arrested for Sitting on Smart Meter Truck

Women’s Health Alert It’s not just cell phones that cause cancer Nan Fuchs, PhD

Trouble with cell phone radiation standard

Smart Meter poster

Be Aware: These Cell Phones Can Emit 28 Times More Radiation

6/17/2011 After having a smart meter installed on our home, with out any one ever asking if we wanted one or not, I have terrible headaches every single day. (more)

6/16/2011 PG&E SmartMeters coming to Santa Cruz County

6/15/2011 Empowering choices

Australian pensioner locks up meter to prevent smeter installation

6/14/2011 PG&E threatens customer-install it or else!

Tests Prove Wireless Network Could Jam GPS Systems

I am so sick & dying from the smart meters.  I was sick before I moved here & became way worse.  Several hospital trips  and two hospital stays. (more)

6/7/2011 In Houston Texas, “Local 2 investigates Smart Meter fires” reports they looked into homeowners complaints of Smart Meter fires and found some people are left with no electricity and major damage to their homes, including burnt out appliances after a Smart Meter has been installed by the utility.  See Video.

6/5/2011 Medical Implants and Wireless Hazards

Cell phone study raises profile on safety lawsuits– Reuters

6/5/2011 I have recently moved to a place with a smart meter.

Since I have moved I have experienced, headaches, agitation, dizziness, upset, acid reflux, and ringing at certain periods. (more)

6/3/2011 I suffer from EMF sensitivity and although my husband and I were able to prevent PG&E from installing a smart meter (oxymoron) at our home, we are already feeling the ill effects from our neighbors’ “SM” which was installed within 10 feet of our house. (more)

I am EMF sensitive, use to live under cell phone tower, had to run away from it.  Now the worse nightmare had come true again, the smart meter just right out side and in our living space, in the front, on the back yard and everywhere around us. (more)

6/2/2011 The smart meter was installed in my neighborhood about a week ago, after it was installed my dogs started going crazy. I have not had a good night sleep since. (more)

WHO’s Statement is a Game Changer

6/1/2011 I have been living with a smart meter for only 3 weeks and have been suffering nausea, anxiety, depression and a low grade head ache. (more)

Smart Meter Fire and explosions page has been updated, including Some blame ‘smart’ meter for Portland restaurant fire

5/31/2011 SmartMeters: Who has the power?

cannot explain nor rationalize what I have experienced in the past few months since PG&E installed a smart meter at my residence. Since February 2012 I have had experienced the following: (more)

Cell Phones and Smart Meters- SF Gate

Hydro’s smart meters are massive blunders– opinion

News:  Cellphone Radiation May Cause Cancer, Advisory Panel Says– NY Times.com

Wireless devices-potential cancer risk says World Health Organization

5/30/2011  Woozy from wifi? ‘Electrosensitive’ say modern life makes them ill Today Show

While my landlord and housemate and I have temporarily succeeded in preventing PG&E from removing our analog electric meter in favor of a wireless smart meter, my next door neighbor’s landlord thought it would be a fabulous idea to have one installed. (more)

I have been trying to figure out why my daughter and I have had such intense headaches and now I know. I want my Smart Meter removed. (more)

I have been experiencing ringing in my ears at home for the last 5-6 days. I read an article last night about these smart meters causing tinnitus and I realized the ringing began the same time the meter was installed. (more)

5/28/2011 Opponents of PG&E ‘smart meters’ stand firm- LA TIMES

The Secret Life of Michael Peevey

Autism and prenatal ultrasound: Coincidence or Connection?

European Resolution Calls on Governments to Reduce EMF

5/27/2011 I have been disabled by electrosensitivity for about 5 years, but not to RF, just to ELF (power lines, motors, etc — magnetic fields). But since June of 2010 the area I have been in was thoroughly smart metered, so they have been all around me but not on the house I spend the most time in because we put up No Smart Meter signs. (more)

Buyer Beware, RF Appliance Warning

5/25/2011 Researchers Say New Studies Confirm Cell Phone Hazards, “Stunning proof” ignored in North America, scientists say– Consumer Affairs.com

5/24/2011 Who pays for the Smart Grid?

5/23/2011 NEWS Cell Phone Towers: The 3 am Alarm Clock- Townsend Letter

5/22/2011 Smart Meter Opt-In Left Out

NEWS:  IARC Drops Anders Ahlbom from RF Cancer Panel

5/20/2011 the TAKE ACTION and the WELCOME pages have been updated.

5//20/2011 Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

From the summary: “While electrical and electromagnetic fields in certain frequency bands have fully beneficial effects which are applied in medicine, other non-ionising frequencies, be they sourced from extremely low frequencies, power lines or certain high frequency waves used in the fields of radar, telecommunications and mobile telephony, appear to have more or less potentially harmful, non-thermal, biological effects on plants, insects and animals, as well as the human body when exposed to levels that are below the official threshold values.”

5/19/2011 Smart Meters lead to high bills for two Temecula families

Maine PUC approves ‘smart meter’ opt out options

Behave Yourself! The Utilities ‘Have Got Your Numbers’ and Next They’ll Know Your Habits, Too

A year ago I developed trigeminal neurolgia along with dizziness and weakness. Now I have peripheral neuropathy which includes burning, tingling and numbness. After reading the article in the LA Times about Smart Meters I called SCE to find out when they installed them here. They said May of 2010, a year ago, which coincides with my neuropathy.  (more)

About a month after PG&E installed the smartmeters, my husband and I both started  getting headaches, some so severe that sometimes I was getting blurred vision. We both had very loud piercing sounds in our ears. (more)

Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools says European leaders

5/16/2011 I’m already electrically sensitive. I immediately feel very sick when I try to use a cell phone (and have for years). I feel dizzy in a home that has WiFi and also in banks, airports and places with a lot of radiation. Given this, I do not want (and will vehemently fight the installation of) a smartmeter. (more)

5/11/2011 I am going to take on PG&E starting tomorrow for damaging my health due to the installation of 4 smart meters right outside my bedroom window, and since then my health has been continuously deteriorating. (more)

A Plea For Help

5/10/2011 Cell Phone Radiation? Text, Don’t Talk, advises FCC– Forbes

Airport Backscatter Scanners-Public Health at Risk

Cell Phone Radiation Disturbs Honey Bees

5/9/2011 Commentary by Dr. Louis Slesin of Microwave News on “protection devices’: Scams Galore

5/3/2011 Radiation Research Trust EHS TEST

5/2/2011 PG&E admits billing errors, offers scanty refund

PG&E to replace 1600 defective SmartMeters that inflated customers’ electric bills

5/1/2011 Smart Meters Pose Cancer/Health Risks- Medical expert warns

4/30/2011 Grover Beach council wants SmartMeters to be optional

4/29/2011 Smart Meters, Shame on you Grandpa

Smart Meters Focus of Santa Barbara Forum

4/27/2011 Call PG&E to skip Smart Meters

4/25/2011 Network files CPUC Protest and  requests new judge

4/23/2011 Smart Meters: unregulated, unsafe…

I am (was) a very healthy individual, and have all the past medical information to prove it. In the last year I have been suffering illness that I feel is direclty related to the Smart Meter on my home. (more)

4/21/2011 The California Department of Public Health on RF Impacts

4/20/2011 UCSC Nuclear Policy Expert on Smart Meters

Since December I have been experiencing a terrible condition called Tinnitus. I hear sound in my head 24/7 which at times has left me unable to work or sleep and coincides with the installation of new smart meters on my home. (more)

4/19/2011 Lake County to file CPUC protest against PG&E’s opt-out plan

4/18/2011 Chinese Put Cancer of the Parotid Gland Tumor on Center Stage

4/16/2011Smart Meters interfere with town radios Canada

SmartMeters hit obstacles in downtown SF

Willits resolution opposes Smart Meters

4/12/2011 19. 3 PG&E Smart Meters Explode at Santa Rosa Mall

According to the incident report from the Santa Rosa Fire Department on April 7, firefighters found the electrical room at the Santa Rosa Mall “charged with smoke” and “upon investigation found 3 PG&E meters that had blown off the electrical panel causing damage to the interior wiring of the electrical panel. A fire was still smoldering..”

4/8/2011  Smart meter made me sick every day.  (more)

*NEW* Flyer Smart Meters: Beyond the Greenwash

Unknown: Safety of New Disconnect Switch in Smart Meters: CPUC Meter Safety Testing Confirmation Needed.

A Cell Tower Lament for the Earth

4/7/2011 Though I never was electrically sensitive before, an extreme exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from just one of PG&E’s digital SmartMeters, (from 10/31/09 to 3/3/10), left me as an electrically sensitive person. Along the way, the experience of dealing with PG&E to take the SmartMeter out was truly creepy. (more)

4/6/2011 Lakeport City Council BANS Smart Meters!

4/5/2011 I have developed nodules on my thyroid , dizzy spells, difficulty swallowing, and petite seizures, since the smart meters were put in.(more)

Since the December 4, 2010 installation of PGE Smart Meter in my apartment building, I have been a Smart Meter refugee. December 30th I fled my apartment with severe symptoms and only the clothes on my back to Marin General ER. (more)

Electromagnetic Fields and DNA Damage

Radiofrequency and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field effects on the blood-brain barrier

4/2/2011 Asking Dumb Questions about PG&E’s “Smart” Meters


We just discovered that the smart meter had been installed here without our permission, which coincided with our physical problems. We are so upset about this that we are now considering legal options, at the very least to cover the cost of our medical expenses.(more)

I woke up this morning to a SMUD employee knocking on my door letting me know they were installing smart meters in the neighborhood he replaced my old meter and went on his way. After he left I noticed my scalp tingling and it just wouldn’

t stop the unit was place on my wall outside my Kitchen I was sitting in the living room most of the morning. Not only did my scalp tingle but I felt a little dizzy. (more)

3/28/2011 Levitt and Glendinning: The Problems with Smart Grids: Dumb and Dangerous

Victoria State, Australia, Plug Pulled on Smart Meter Plan

3/27/2011 16. Smart Meter Explodes in Oregon, comment from Stop Smart Meters.org

“I didn’

t know that I had a smart meter until it blew up on 08/12/2010! I am an Oregon PG&E customer, now victim. I want to know if anyone else has seen a smart meter blow up. It threw flames out and black smoke was in the air for hours. more

17. El Cerrito Smart Meter Catches Fire El Cerrito CA Fire Dept Report

Smart Meter was reported to catch fire and was still sparking when the fire crew arrived. more

PG&E proposes Smart Meter opt-out plan, but it will cost you more money

3/24/2011  PG&E unveils opt out plan for its controversial Smart Meters

3/23/2011 Do Smart Meters interfere with Alarms?

Smart Meters Not So Smart- Critics Say Chicago TV

Monterey County Board OK’s Smart Meter OPT OUT Letter

3/21/2011 Tehama County Supes take Stand on Smart Meters

3/18/2011 Editorial: Smart Meters are a Dumb Idea: Bureaucrats shouldn’t have control over the nation’s appliances

Study Shows Greater Security Concerns for Smart Meters

Migraines, Smart Meters and My New Movie About EMF’s

3/14/2011 Editorial: Smart Meters should be customer choice

3/13/2011 Public Policy and Those Pesky Smart Meters by Steven Weissman UC Berkeley Law

Diagram: How to build a Meter Protection Cage


Coming Soon: PG&E’s Latest Plan to Calm Smart Meter Foes

PUBLIC CITIZEN: Energy Investment Forum, Building Green: Consumer Viewpoints on the Smart Grid

3/10/2011 Pacific Grove to Send resolution against smart meters to the PUC

CPUC Orders Smart Meter Opt-Out

3/9/2011Maine PUC Filing includes health testimonials

Lake County Bans PG&E Smart Meters!

3/8/2011 San Luis Obispo County Call for Smart Meter Moratorium

3/7/2011 Foes of smart meters resist and Insist: Health effects are real

3/5/2011 City of Seaside Bans Smart Meters

About two months ago, after sitting in my living room for several hours, I took my pulse; it was wildly irregular, skipping a beat every 3-7 beats. (more)

3/2/2011 Jerusalem Radiation Effect Must be Checked before 4G System is OK’ed

“The Health and Environmental Protection ministries told the Communications Ministry on Sunday that they will oppose the expansion of cellular phone infrastructure to accommodate “fourth-generation”

(4G) devices, at least until any health effects from the radiation are examined in depth.”

City of Monterey Demands PG&E Halt Smart Meters

Maine Governor Supports Smart Meter opt-opt

2/25/2011Health Risks Could Switch Off Home Energy Meters

The following letter is from a prominent doctor in Napa:

“I have a patient who is being injured from the SmartMeter. She has a history of Cardiomyopathy from infection and was doing well until the SmartMeter went in last fall…(more)

2/23/2011 The Flaw in Obama’s Wireless Plan (Business Week)

Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Function

2/22/2011 Report: Smart Meters Could Exceed FCC’s radiation Limits

Sleepless Valley Woman Blames SRP Smart Meters

Smart Meter Made Me Sick, Mesa Woman Claims


2/13/2011 Smart Meter Shock: electrical hazards found in 3500 homes (Australia)

2/12/2011 They installed our Smart Meter about 3 months ago and I have been extremely sick from the day it was installed. My husband who never has headaches, now has one 24 hrs. a day. (more)


2/09/2011 Green America: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Suspend the Smart Meter rollout now (Victoria, Australia)

Safety Fears Plague Smart Meters

2/8//2011 URGENT!! HEART CONDITION- SMART METERS MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!! A bank of Smart Meters, that emit radiation 24 hours a day, were installed on the wall of my home, and I have been severely affected with heart palpitations, non-stop ringing in the ears, shortness of breath, insomnia, and sleep interruption, and more. (more)

Oregon Considers Cell Phone Radiation Label

New Gloucester Sending PUC letter About Smart Meters (4th city in Maine)

2/4/2011 For the past few months, I’ve been having more problems than ever, including difficulty sleeping, fatigue, headaches, and a level of ‘brain fog’

that I have never experienced previously. I did not correlate this to SmartMeters, because…(more)

2/3/2011 Scientists Urge Halt of Wireless Rollout and Call for New Safety Standards: Warning Issued on Risks to Children and Pregnant Women

Hey, Is That a Cell Tower in Your Yard?

Woman Gets Smart Meter Shock

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Are Smart Meters a Smart Idea? Some people say they create health problems, reports Channel 4, San Diego

1/30/2011 I am extremely sensitive to EMF and RF signals since 2005 when a neighbor had 2 cell towers installed about 400′

from our home. We moved from that house and I got better as long as I am not in any contact with any signals. Then we got our SM installed about 9 weeks ago and I have been extremely ill every since. (more)

Two weeks ago they installed smart meters on our row of townhouses.  A few days later i felt dizzy; this changed to heart beat very strong – occasional racing –

and now ringing in ears and pressure in chest as well.  (more)

I have six smart meters right outside my bedroom and kitchen since they were put in i have been having headache’

s ringing in my ears and nausea. (more)

1/29/2011 Downside of energy efficient fluorescent bulbs

Experts: Smart Grid poses privacy risks

1/28/2011 Mendocino County Supervisors OK smart meter moratorium!

PGE Whistleblower Alleges Smart Meter Safety Lapses

Some residents “Smart” from higher electric bills

Wyoming residents intimidated Residents blast smart meters

1/21/11 Smart Meter Petition Humboldt County

1/16/2011 PUC- Smart Grid Tab- Unreasonable (Colorado)

Wireless Smart Meters Face Continued Obstacles in California

Calif. Agency Mulls ‘Opt Out’ or Wired Substitutes as Fallout Over Smart Meters Persists

Smart Meter Report: More Questions Than Answers


State Report on Safety of Smart Meters Does Little to Quell Debate

PG&E Replaces Corte Madera Resident’s Smart Meter after Complaints

BREAKING NEWS: Grandmother Arrested During PG&E Smart Meter Protest


1/10/09 New York Times  Health Concerns over Smart Electric Meters Gain traction in Calif

Smart meters were installed at my house about a year ago and soon after I experienced ringing/buzzing in my ears that keeps me awake at night. (more)

1/09/2010 Commentary by David Wientjes Smart to Worry about Smart Meters

1/89/10 BREAKING NEWS! 47,000 ‘Smart’ Meters pulled in Texas

1/06/2011 Tea Party Group Decries SmartMeters


NEW YORK TIMES:Calif. County Criminalizes Smart Meter Installations

Marin County Supes OK Moratorium on Smart Meters

State Utility Regulators to Consider Allowing Smart Meter Opt Out (Maine)

Smart Meters Could be Abandoned (Victoria Australia)

1/04/2011 Smart Meters can violate FCC RF guidelines: Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters


Town rejected 4.3 million Federal grant money Smart Meters Turned down in Westerville ,Ohio

Cheyenne Resident refuses Smart Meter

Scientist Henry Lai Makes Waves in the Cell Phone Industry



12/30/2010 Commentary by Judy Vick: Legal Challenge to Smart Meters

Electrical Box Protector IDEAS

Should the wireless sector be concerned with increasing EMF militancy?

12/29/2010  Two West Marin women arrested in blockade of Smart Meter trucks

12/27/2010 Smart Meter news: Smart Meter protestors Rap About Issue

12/20/2010 Since the “smart” meter installation I’

ve been suffering from headaches, losing sleep, and hearing high pitched ringing..(more)

12/19/2010 I have been in the ER overnight three times this week, with unexplained sickness. I have had a CT Scan of the brain, Stress Test, CTA, EKGs, Ultra Sounds, Blood work and still no definite answer. (more)

“One month ago I moved into a house that has a smart meter installed on the same side of the house as my bedroom. I have been having sleep problems including insomnia, nightmares and restless sleep. I am epileptic and sleep deprivation is very dangerous for me. (more)

12/16/2010 State of Maine Utility CMP Supervisor admits finding Smart Meter fire hazards Media report

Russ Farwell, a CMP unit supervisor, said the technicians are actually discovering more possible fire hazards than the company anticipated, and informing customers of dangers they otherwise would not have known existed. He said, so far, they have discovered 70 to 80 electrical issues in the Portland area. “I didn’t think they’d find that many,”

he said.

“Farwell said recently a customer’

s television was destroyed during a meter replacement because the man allegedly did not come to the door when a technician knocked and then left the television on during the meter change.

PG&E Smart Meters Violate FCC RF Compliance Rules- evidence

UpFront: PG&E goes CIA on Smart Meter critics

Action Alert Wear this T-Shirt PiGie Sue T-shirt, Order NOW

12/ 15/2010 Consumer Federation Slams Utilities on Smart Meter Privacy Position

SmartMeter Opponents stage San Rafael protest amid revelations PG&E monitored Marin critics on internet

12/11/2010 Smart Meter Health Impacts Testimonial

News:  Children Pulled from School Over Wi-Fi Concerns

TOP Story: PG&E customers from 6 California counties protested at Wellington, the Smart Meter deployment yard and the PG&E office where they risked arrest.  See and hear the action, frustration, resistance, FCC violation evidence, conversations with police and the PG&E management:Scenes From a Shut Down

Why Smart People are Suspicious of Smart Meters

12/09/2010 Santa Rosa SmartMeter protest closes PG&E office

12/ 08/2010 ” My husband has brain cancer attributed to the radiation from his cell phone. Shortly after installation of the smart meters on our home I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I never had the symptoms prior to the installation of the smart meters- fatigue, depression, joint pain, heart racing, and weight gain…(more)

12/2010 NEWS  Study links cellphones to child misbehavior

12/07/21010 “I have been having headaches, heart palpitations, horrible ringing in my ears, dizziness and some nausea, and a burning of my facial skin for 8 months, since PG&E installed a Smart Meter at my house. (more)

12/06/10 Huffman Introduces Bill to Require Smart Meter Opt-Out

12/04/2010 Smart Meter software company found guilty of data theft

Scarborough Maine votes for a smart meter moratorium

Tea Party, CU Debate Smart Meters

12/02/2010 Smart Meter media reports: Consumers push for hearings on health effects of Smart Meters

11/29/2010 “Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” SF Nov. 18 2010 Conference videos

11/28/2010Fairfax Begins Abatement Against PG&E

Energy Meters Could Make Burglars Smarter

Marin County Supervisors Second Letter to CPUC

San Rafael letter to the CPUC

11/27/2010 EON Videos: Wounded By Wireless

Wellington Watch- SMeterMan Flees Bolinas

Smart Meter Revolt in the State of Maine: Smart Meter Safety

SmartMeter Revolt Persists

Smart Meter Primer by Sierra Salin



11/24/2010 PG&E’S Smart Meter Program Takes More Hits

11/22/2010:  Smart Meter Protestors Block Trucks in Rohnert Park

11/20/2010 Smart Meter Media Reports:

PG&E Considers Smart Meter Compromise

Sanford wants halt to smart meter installations

Outcry over installation of Smart Meters Growing louder

11/18/2010 Smart Meter Media reports  CPUC Division Pushes for Smart Meter Health Probe

11/16/ 2010 Smart Meter PD final comments 15-Nov-10

11/13/2010  Smart Meter Media Reports‘Smart’

Electric Meter Draws Complaints of Inaccuracy

Smart Meter health Impacts- comments

Smart Meter destroying my sleep. (more)

We recently had our smart meters installed, three of which our on our wall, for the three units on our lot. I have a super healthy routine and was drastically improving my health and wellness. I am Vegan, non smoker, non drinker, I record all of my food intake, exercise avidly and slept regularly from 10 pm until 7am. I began to get unexplainable huge rashes on my face. My doctor freaked out and couldn’

t believe the photos and ordered labs immediately, he was sure I had Lupus or Rheumatory Athritis. He sent me to a Rheumatologist ASAP, It then started with the aches and pains, the super dry lips and a loud squealing in my right ear. Even my teeth hurt. (more)

11/11/2010 Smart Meter Media Reports

Second Maine town imposes moratorium on Smart Meters

PG&E Peeping Ralph Resigns

PG&E exec who snooped on Smart Meter foes resigns

PG&E suspends exec who used alias in online group

PG&E executive snoops on Smart Meter Critics

PG&E SmartMeter exec tries to infiltrate activists

11/7/2010 Safety tips and videos 16:9 News Investigation: Wi-Fi

Last year I lived in Livermore CA. The meters were changed in Livermore last year. It wasn’

t until I just saw a news story where I have now put 2 and 2 together. Starting in Oct. 09 I have been experiencing terrible ringing in the ears. (more)

Two new studies posted in Shortcut to Science:


Vini G. Khurana, Lennart Hardell, Joris Everaert, Alicja Bortkiewicz, Michael Carlberg, Mikko Ahonen


Human populations are increasingly exposed to microwave/radiofrequency (RF) emissions from wireless communication technology, including mobile phones and their base stations. By searching PubMed, we identified a total of 10 epidemiological studies that assessed for putative health effects of mobile phone base stations. Seven of these studies explored the association between base station proximity and neurobehavioral effects and three investigated cancer. We found that eight of the 10 studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances < 500 meters from base stations. None of the studies reported exposure above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations. We believe that comprehensive epidemiological studies of long term mobile phone base station exposure are urgently required to more definitively understand its health impact. Key words: base stations; electromagnetic field (EMF); epidemiology; health effects; mobile phone; radiofrequency (RF); electromagnetic radiation.


Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays

B. Blake Levitt and Henry Lai

Abstract: The siting of cellular phone base stations and other cellular infrastructure such as roof-mounted antenna arrays, especially in residential neighborhoods, is a contentious subject in land-use regulation. Local resistance from nearby residents and landowners is often based on fears of adverse health effects despite reassurances from telecommunications service providers that international exposure standards will be followed. Both anecdotal reports and some epidemiology studies have found headaches, skin rashes, sleep disturbances, depression, decreased libido, increased rates of suicide, concentration problems, dizziness, memory changes, increased risk of cancer, tremors, and other neurophysiological effects in populations near base stations. The objective of this paper is to review the existing studies of people living or working near cellular infrastructure and other pertinent studies that could apply to long-term, low-level radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposures. While specific epidemiological research in this area is sparse and contradictory, and such exposures are difficult to quantify given the increasing background levels of RFR from myriad personal consumer products, some research does exist to warrant caution in infrastructure siting. Further epidemiology research that takes total ambient RFR exposures into consideration is warranted. Symptoms reported today may be classic microwave sickness, first described in 1978. Nonionizing electromagnetic fields are among the fastest growing forms of environmental pollution. Some extrapolations can be made from research other than epidemiology regarding biological effects from exposures at levels far below current exposure guidelines.




Safety Tips/Electrical Sensitivity Forced to Disconnect –
















Electrohypersensitive fugitives e book by Gunilla Ladberg


I live in San Diego in a small apartment building with 3 apartments. SDGE installed 3 Smart Meters on 9/29/10 and I have been sick as a dog ever since, even to the point of missing work. The Meters are located below my apartment, just below my bathroom wall (I am on the second floor). Using my Entech Meter I tested the outlet in my bathroom and the signal was so distorted I could pick up a radio signal! (more)


Last week our power company in NE Arizona put a new digital meter on our house.  The meter was supposed to remain in a silent mode and not transmit unless someone sent a signal to it from the highway to activate it and get the reading.
Over the next 6 hours I gradually got very sick from the meter.  (more)


State of Texas Smart Meter Petition

Several new media reports:

Burden should be on the CMP to show smart meters are safe

How to Hack the Power Grid for fun and profit

Smart Meter Program Headed for Disaster

Critics Voice Concerns about new electric meters (activists in the State of Maine oppose Smart Meters for health reasons)

PG&E gets negative energy in Fairfax


In July 2010, SDG&E installed Smart Meters in my condo complex. I own a townhouse that is situated in clusters: 8 units per cluster. Therefore 16 Smart Meters were installed in the utilites shed  outside my kitchen/bedroom walls, ten feet away. (more)


Sign the ” Moratorium on Wireless Smartmeters in the  State of California” petition

Safety Tips/ Electrical Sensitivity

Sarah Dacre electrosensitivity story

Change how to donate:

Make checks payable to EON,* and write EMF Safety Network in the memo line
mail to:
EMF Safety Network
PO Box 1016
Sebastopol CA 95473


EON (Ecological Options Network) is the EMF Safety Network non profit umbrella)

News: KPFA“PUSHING LIMITS” talk about EHS starts around 18:00 for  ten minutes

Smart Meter Media Reports

PG&E Smart Meter issues extend past monthly bills

New data proves smart meter scheme costing everyone more (Canada)


Moved, and new page:  Smart Meter Media Reports

Moratorium Banning SmartMeters in SCC passed (Santa Cruz County, article includes ordinance pdf)

San Anselmo Votes to ban Smart Meters in town

EMF Global Websites: Raleigh ElectroSensitivity SupporT REST

NEWS 9/15/10 Let’s talk about electromagnetic fields

Smart Meter Public Comments

Regarding the question – any issues with appliances after the Smart Meter install. Within a few days of installation I had the following occur:

Air Conditioning compressor unit failed – = $3500

Laptop computer started running warm and then failed = $1800 new workstation

TV failed – replaced with new energy star thin plasma – = replaced for $2500

Bose surround system failed – replaced for $399 under Bose customer service plan.

Circuit card failed on heater / blower system stopped – = $500

I have checked around the city of Brentwood CA and know of 9 other air conditioning units that failed within days of the install of Smart Meters.


I have lived in my home for over 25 years. I have a propane stove, heater and water heater. I have never EVER had a bill over $250 and that is with a jacuzzi on during winter months! Since the new “smart meter” has been installed my bills have been almost $600 a month! I cannot afford to keep doing this! I do not even use the heater and my grandbabies are COLD! This is ridiculous! Someone please tell me what I can do???!!!


9/11/2010 Action Alert

New Handout:

Stop Smart Meters (front)

Stop Smart Meters (back)


Are Smart Meters Smart?

Media Articles

SmartMeter Protest shuts down Capitola business

Readers, SmartMeters interfere with baby monitors and other household gadgets


Action Alert

See PG&E Deployment map of California

under Smart Meter Health impacts-  comments

..What is happening in America is happening in my state of Queensland.

We had solar panels put onto the roof of our home, and then the power company came along and installed smart metres in our mains power box. There are three mains power boxes, so therefore there are three smart metres transmitting 24/7. My health has deterioated so much, that I feel that I can’t last.

Our state government has just gone ahead and made it mandatory even though the first state to install them, Victoria, is now finding real serious problems.

All I know is that we have 120 units in our complex, which means in a four acre block we have 120 smart metres.

I have also found that the radiation from these smart metres are also being piggybacked into our home via the electrical wiring and causing further torment.



8/2010 WI-Fi may cause generational defects: Scientist (Ex- weapons expert says..)

Smart Meter Health impacts-  comments

I choose not to have a cell phone, computer, or use other wireless devices in my home. I’m not interested in having “smart” appliances there either. I avoid exposure to cell phone towers and public places that are “hot spots” for wireless use. This is because I experience headaches, a sensation of pressure in my head, increased heart rate, a sensation of dizziness, and other disturbing symptoms when I am around wireless frequency emissions. Regardless of what others may think, the symptoms are experienced by me, and I DO NOT want to have any wireless devices ON my home, where I cannot get away from them. I have owned this home for 25 years, and plan to stay there. I demand an opt-out option, and refuse to have a Smart Meter on my home.


Intro  from  EMF consultant Dan Mattson: I have a client who appears to have electrohypersensitivity (EHS). I did a radio-frequency monitoring at her home in the summer of 2008, and at that time her trigger was traced to the wi-fi access point in her dsl modem, which was located in an area where she spent a lot of her time. She didn’t want wi-fi, so she used the wired option, not realizing that the wi-fi feature in her dsl modem was turned on and active by factory default. When she found out and called the phone company, they turned it off remotely. Then her symptoms subsided and she went on to get her life under control. In the fall of 2008, smart meters came to her neighborhood and her symptoms returned and were worse. In a letter to State Senator Dean Florez she wrote:

I have lived in my home in San Leandro since November 2003, and have had two smart meters on my home (1 on gas, 1 on electric meters) since October 2008; and they are throughout my neighborhood since about that same time. I/we are now surrounded by a mesh network of pulsing extremely low emf (ELEMF). I recently had the signals measured by a local technician and can provide a detailed report of his findings. Contrary to what PG&E has told me that these meters emit below the acceptable tolerable range, it’s the ELEMF that can interact with our body’s pulsing ELEMF & interfere with cellular communication. I believe I am having ill affects due to this technology being used, and am currently being examined by my doctor for symptoms of vertigo, the sound of my blood pulsing through my ears all the time while I’m at home, hyper-arousal/ADHD leading to inability to focus or relax, interrupted sleep, pressure in my head between my ears, increased headaches; and less frequently, heart-racing anxiety, nausea, and shakes. I take really good care of myself, and do not believe that this noticeable decline in my health is due to me getting older.

I truly feel like I am in a microwave and slowly being cooked. Even my previously healthy houseplants have either died or have big brown spots, like burns. These strange effects have been occurring now for over a year, and it’s finally beginning to make sense. Thank you for your leadership on this issue.

I have video interviews with two others who report similar symptoms occurring soon after they were exposed to smart meters.

Amy C., San Leandro

Are Smart Meters Smart?

Ross Council supports PG&E SmartMeters delay


Action Alert and Smart Meter Health Impacts Comments


Posted in Smart Meter  comments

After our house in Half Moon Bay got SmartMeters, we could no longer listen to AM radio.

The signals are swamped by loud rasping pulses of noise. I located the source of the strongest RFI (Radio Frequency Interference): the circuit breaker panel, where all the house wiring is concentrated. SmartMeters must use the wiring as a transmitting antenna.

I contacted PG&E on its website. No response. So, I sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission: no response.

Our local station on AM 1710 is hooked up to emergency services and first responders to provide emergency warnings and instructions to residents here on the coast. That function is obviously being severely compromised now.

As a retired electronics engineer, I have to say PG&E either did inadequate product testing before rolling out its new product or it just can’t see the bigger picture. At some point in the future, the energy-saving benefits of SmartMeters may — or may not — be realized. However, in the meantime, we are all suffering from the operation of the law of unintended consequences.


posted under “Are Smart Meters Smart?”

Smart Meter Health impacts-comments

Smart Meters and Smart Regulation by Steven Weissman UC Berkeley Law

PG&E Smart Meters make home appliances go snap crackle pop

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EMF Safety Network Calendar

Smart Meter PROTEST AT THE CPUC Saturday AUGUST 28 1 pm 505 Van Ness Ave. SF

CHE EMF Call in /Interview with Cindy Sage : “Wireless SmartMeters: What are the health, personal safety, wireless security and excessive billing issues all about and what can consumers do now? Wed Aug 25 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern  For more information and to RSVP click here

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11. Fires Spark During Smart Meter Installations

ARLINGTON – Smart meter installations are being blamed for two house fires in Arlington this week.The problem isn’t the meters themselves, but instead what’

s happening to electrical wiring.

The first fire happened Monday on Brook Hill Lane and the second happened Tuesday on Grants Parkway. Arlington fire investigator Morkita Anthony found that when the old meters were pulled out, the main electric feeds to the houses were accidentally pulled as well.

“What it’s doing is making contact somehow with the electric box or the wiring inside and causing a short, which is causing a fire,”

Anthony said.

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  1. Well, if that doesn’t beat all. . . .

    I’ve been noticing that for the last three months since I opted out (and KEPT my analog meter), that my electricity bill — not including the outrageous opt-out surcharge — has increased by a consistent 60 percent over the same months of the previous year. Yet my actual usage each month has, if anything, DECREASED since last year.

    If we win the lawsuit against the PUC, will we be eligible for a REFUND of the money taken from us for the opt-out fees?

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