Sedona Councilmember visits the US Surgeon General’s office

Sedona Arizona City Councilmember Barbara Litrell traveled to Washington D.C and met with the Senior Policy advisor to the acting Surgeon General, Melissa Brodowiki. Ms Litrell presented both the film “Take Back Your Power” and the book “Overpowered” for Ms. Brodowiki’s review. Assurances were given that issues surrounding the impact of microwave and radio energy on humans would be investigated.

2 thoughts on “Sedona Councilmember visits the US Surgeon General’s office”

  1. Thanks for posting the video – but it’s important to note that I met with Melissa Brudowski who is the senior policy advisor to the acting surgeon general. We had a good meeting and she said she would let me know who in the agency was aware of these issues and what other agencies were also doing work on this. It was a productive meeting and began the dialogue on the issues. Hopefully it will lead to more discussions and action.

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