Protect Monarch Butterflies from radiation

On August 21, 2013 the city of Pacific Grove will hear an appeal on the placement of an AT&T 4G cell tower next to the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary.

Pacific Grove is an overwintering area for the monarch butterfly. Each year, these butterflies migrate thousands of miles from Canada to Pacific Grove and other special places in the Western Hemisphere. They arrive and stay through several reproductive cycles, and then continue their travels.

Pacific Grove has an ordinance specifically protecting monarch butterflies. It has a small area set aside for the butterflies as a sanctuary, but the butterflies roost and feed in trees in the surrounding area. Many travel books feature this sanctuary to attract visitors from all around the world.

AT&T wants to put a permanent set of cellular 4G antennas at Wilkie’s Inn, (1038 Lighthouse Avenue) next to the butterfly sanctuary. This is one of the few monarch habitats the butterflies rely on.

Here’s two studies that indicate insects are harmed by radiation.  Food collection and response to pheromones in an ant species exposed to electromagnetic radiation found exposure to radiation caused colony deterioration and affected social insects’ behavior and physiology. Another study Oxidative and genotoxic effects of 900 MHz electromagnetic fields in the earthworm Eisenia fetida found radiation caused genotoxic effects and DNA damage in earthworms.

Please take action to help stop these antennas in Pacific Grove, California. Sign this petition by Tuesday, August 20, 2013  Read more and sign the petition.

UPDATE: The city Pacific Grove council voted against the butterflies. The petition author writes, “Thank you to the hundreds of supporters on this issue. Sad to say (but not surprised) that all but one of the city council members voted for the cell antennas to be built near one of the rare monarch butterfly overwintering sites in Pacific Grove. AT&T must’ve made the incentive worth while.The city is supposed to protect the butterfly sanctuary and didn’t.”

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  1. I’m electromagnetically hypersensitive, & I can’t be near a 4G tower, so, being a lot bigger than a butterfly, I have an idea of the effects that that powerful, pulse-modified wireless radiation would have on a butterfly. Mother Nature needs protection far more than we need instantaneous communication. Thanks 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to hear of this update. Why is the city allowed to reneg on its promise to protect the butterflies? Why isn’t their sanctuary and protection permanent instead of the smart meters being permanent? Why is the permit permanent at all? Why can’t it be a temporary lease at least? Why do you AT&T, and all the other wireless companies insist on constantly bombarding all creatures with radiation? And magnetic frequencies? Why do you have to have the place just near such special precious creatures as butterflies that are supposed to be protected? Especially now when they are migrating? And when they are already so vulnerable? Don’t you understand that you are destroying the very creatures who help pollinate our food? Not to mention the part of the natural chain of the environment that connects with birds and other wild life. What will you do in a few years when there are no pollinators left? Make a phone call to your smart meter to create food?

    You are harming the earth, you are harming all life!! What is the matter with you? Why don’t you stop? Why must you be so greedy? Why are you allowed to get away with this? Who are the members of the council? They should be fired immediately. And the permit should be rescinded immediately. And the city should say no to all cell towers and wireless products from now on. Why don’t we pass a law that whoever places wireless meters and cell towers has to live right next to them (or under them). I’m so disheartened and sad for us who must suffer from these frequencies and for the beautiful innocent animals who are suffering and who are showing us this is dangerous. You are placing the world in JEOPARDY! We should have a national program that puts a moratorium on all smart meters forever and cuts back on all cell towers and creates radio free zones all over the country and world! Put the butterfly on the endangered species list NOW! And ask the President to intervene and rescind the permit to this unit of meters or towers in PG based on National Conservation Rights of Protection. And stop–you radiation makers from always interfering with good and healthy life. I am so sorry we could not stop this from happening. But everyone who commented here or signed the petition make sure to write to the FCC before Sept 3rd (they are accepting comments to consider lowering cell tower frequencies) and post your comments that you want the radiation and frequencies from the cell towers to be stopped or at least lowered. Tell all the facts and experiences you have had with hypersensitivity and how it affects all the butterflies and bees and insects and people. Tell them that the smart meters are causing cancer and fires and that the wireless frequencies are undermining our very the natural life force. Tell them it is killing the very creatures that support our food chain!!!!!Make the city take back the permit and don’t vote for those council members again. Especially now re the butterflies when this is the time of the great migration! How dare they put the towers or even give permission for them there now to even further interfere with their life cycle!!! They are our beautiful pollinators for food. Do they want to assure our extinction too?
    Also if you want to prevent smart meters from being forced upon you, make sure to write you reps now because there already is a bill in progress to make smart meters mandatory nationwide! Once it’s federal the state rights you have that permit you to refuse the meters will be eclipsed! The smart meters are the nail in the coffin for all the butterflies and bees and therefore ours too! Don’t let congress vote in Tom Wheeler as head of the FCC because he will implement this law and also won’t even allow people to keep land line phones!
    We need a national program, forum, and representation to protect our rights now. We need this info to be made much more available to to the general public like on ch 21 or 13 tv. Lots of people don’t know what smart meters are and don’t understand the connection of wireless to the destruction of the pollinators.
    The time to speak is NOW. Thanks for letting me post this comment.

  3. The study shows it won’t affect any humans, creatures, animals, insects, etc. We all come across everyday to those antennas that are by the shopping centers, roads, buildings. I am in So.Cal and I’ve seen this open antennas on the building around. It’s a busy intersection with shopping and restaurants with lots of people everyday. Remember the FCC won’t approve if it is causing any damage and Monarchs will be safe in your city.

  4. I don’t know what kind of test there doing. But I have Vasculitis, anytime I’m over exposed to cellphone or a cell tower. I break out into rashes, you may not be able to see a brain tumor. My rashes would be right there in there face. I will have to live with this as long as there rf traveling though the air. My doctor also say I will die if I don’t get it under control, me the bees and butterflies are in trouble because they live in denial.

  5. I am just now learning how serious this invisible killer’s damage is to humans. Say good bye to the Monarchs.
    Because it is invisible and the populace is snowballed and unknowing, the power elite can just cause our suffering with out a care.
    And, for a city council to violate the voters/residents’ rights and trust, and ignore the standing mandate to protect, and defend the Monarchs is cruel to the people and Monarchs and is unconscionable. Vengeance is the Lord’s.

  6. Make the city council and ATT stand by their decisions for a period of 5 or 10 years. If there is damage hold them responsible. This would not be a hard thing to monitor though we all know they would find a way to wiggle out of their obligation if issues presented themselves. If they are wrong they are sealing the fate of the planet and the future of American capitalism in their own little way.

    I am in Santa Cruz but someone in Pacific Grove needs to keep their feet to the fire. There must be money to see this through. We have many great centers of learning that could help. Lets see who is right once and for all.

    And to Bob – LA has nothing left to kill. It’s already dead. You can’t kill concrete and there is nothing left that even gets close to a healthy ecosystem. We don’t want what LA doesn’t have anymore!! ‘God made LA’ but no longer walks along your shores and the FCC is a corporate lacky. Government no longer has our interests at heart. We live in a Corpocracy.

  7. This is a great article EMF Safety Network. I filmed only one large Monarch at Laurel Creek Conservation Area in Waterloo Ontario on October 3, 2013 . It looked healthy.

    Smart Phones may yet prove to be Stupid Phones if their EMFs interfere with our food sources from pollination etc.

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