Naperville armed police assist forced Smart Meter deployment- Two mothers arrested

(ILLINOIS) From Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA): Two Naperville mothers were arrested today in conjunction with the forced installation of smart meters. NSMA President, Kim Bendis and Board Member, Jen Stahl were arrested today during a forced installation at Jen’s home.

Details are still pending but Kim was witnessing the event from Jen’s property and was video taping. Three officers shoved her against a tree, pried her camera from her hands, and cuffed her. Both Jen and Kim were taken into police custody sometime in the 2:00 hour CST.

Kim is a mother of 3 school aged children. Jen has 2 school aged children and a toddler at home. All children are safe and are being taken care of by family or friends.

This is an extraordinary tragedy as there is still a pending federal lawsuit and the issue of smart meters has not been decided in Naperville.  This demonstrates the lengths to which the city officials have been willing to go to force residents into compliance.

Sources close to the group say that during a closed door council session there was discussion of the strategy the city would use this week to obtain 100% compliance on installations. Residents have been told the city is willing to use whatever means necessary.

Local News Coverage: “2 meter opponents arrested in Naperville: ‘A society of violating one another”

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  1. Smart Meters can also be used to “watch” you in your home. Because you use electrical devices such as running washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers these create spikes in the electricity supply, which than is used to tell what time you used these devices which can be used to “construct” a user profile of your habits. There is also growing evidence that the huge amount of electromagnetic radiation these smart meters put out can be put into a “sync” sine wave to alter consciousness used for mind programming and control. This is the perfect way to start dictatorship monitoring and control of the human population. Be aware and continue to fight this invasion of our privacy and attempted assault on our freewill and liberties.

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