Help is on the Way! Submit Your Complaint Today at SmartMeterHelp.Com

Today, the EMF Safety Network and Stop Smart Meters! are excited to announce the official launch of our new joint *project: SmartMeterHelp.Com  This is a website was designed with the sole purpose of burying our elected officials, utilities commissions, and health departments with complaints about the debacle that has resulted from the poorly planned, undemocratic, and ill-advised rollout of ‘smart’ meters into our communities.

Even if you have already submitted a complaint, please take 5 minutes now to fill out the form and tell your story.  This will make it that much easier for advocates working to put a stop to this program to demonstrate that these meters are having a detrimental effect on thousands, if not millions of people.

Were you forced to have a Smart Meter when you didn’t want one?  Have you been overcharged? Were you on the “delay” list and they installed anyway? Have Smart Meters caused you headaches, sleep problems, tinnitus or other health problems? Have you had interference problems or burned out appliances, since a new meter was installed? A meter catch on fire? Have the utilities lied to you, or made false claims about their service? Did you feel threatened or intimated by installers?  Did they assault you or your pets? Do you think it’s wrong to have to pay to not have one?  We’ve heard complaints about all of the above happening to members of the public.

We are fed up, and we’re not going to take it anymore!    Spread the word about this new website to your friends, family, and co-workers.  Post on social media and encourage others to take action.

Together, we can put a stop to ‘smart’ meter abuse!

*This project is now closed.

6 thoughts on “Help is on the Way! Submit Your Complaint Today at SmartMeterHelp.Com”


    (1) Smart Meter Radiation, Interfering With My Hearts, Electrical System.
    (2) Smart Meter Created Heart Arrhythmia, That Would Not Slow Down,
    Hospitalized To Be Stabilized.
    (3) Smart Meter Created Heart Arrhythmia Again,
    Hospitalized To Be Stabilized
    Defibrillator/ Pacemaker Installed in My Chest.
    (4) Smart Meter Stopped My Heart Completely
    Defibrillator Shocked My Heart Back To Life.
    (5) Smart Meter Created Heart Arrhythmia Again,
    Smart Meter Turned OFF My Defibrillator/Pacemaker.
    Hospitalized To Be Stabilized.
    (6) Next Step Was To Have Part Of My Heart Musele Quarterized,
    To Stop Any More Arrhythmias.

    Then I Realized I Was Sleeping With-in Three Feet Of Two, Smart Meters.
    Heart Palpitations, Head Aches, Continue. I Now Need Oxygen.
    Will I Become Part Of The Collateral Damage In This War Against,
    Smart Meters. DO I HAVE TO DIE ?

  2. Just because we are getting solar panels, Pepco is forcing an early smart meter on us. Because my husband has cancer, we tried requesting an opt-out for health reasons. Pepco initially said “they would consider allowing us to use our current meter if it functioned properly for Net Metering and solar panels”. Then they changed their mind. We’re between a rock and a hard place. Even though our contract with the solar company says “no wireless”, they will charge $8,000 for breaking the contract. Right now, if we get the panels, Pepco will put the smart meter on our house. Any advise?

  3. Have you talked with the Solar installers? PG&E Smart meters haven’t been compatible with solar… What type of Smart Meter is it? Does it have an FCC ID?

  4. SCE is fradulently misrepresenting the terms of the opt-out program.

    We got a second offer (that Critical Mail letter) from SCE in August to opt-out. So, I called to see if we could get the analog meter back.

    (You might remember I wrote the list in June, saying SCE would not honor the same program as PG&E and will not offer analogs back to opt-out customers, so we did not sign up in June).

    SCE’s SmartConnect agent told me in regard to this new August SCE offer letter that customers who opt out can get an analog meter back, regardless of whether they now have an interim RF digital meter. So, we agreed to opt-out. The same day, our meter was marked with an orange sticker reading “Opt-Out Customer”.

    Two days later we get another SCE letter saying “The existing meter will remain in place” after we have joined and agreed to the fees.

    I called SCE immediately today and, of course, got a different agent who says 1) no record of your phone call this week where you claim you were told you get the analog back, 2) you cannot get an analog with the opt-out, 3) you must wait for another billing cycle to exit the opt-out program, and 4) SCE keeps your $75 fee because you agreed to opt-out.

    We rejected the opt-out in June (see my June 19th email) when told that SCE would NOT replace analogs. We changed our minds with this new SCE policy we were given. I asked at least four times of the SCE agent – to make sure the analog replacement is possible and each time, got an affirmative answer.

    This is just plain dishonest. Don’t fall for SCE’s variable answers… remember a decade ago they were fined millions because they threw away all reports of the negative calls on their service; kept only the positive calls and got a bonus for ‘good service’. They got caught then. They should be caught and fined now.

    And, why do PG&E customers get to have the old-style analogs back for the money?
    When SCE customers have to keep the RF-polluting digital meters that are no better than the ‘smart’ meters? Did the CPUC give SCE some kind of special treatment?

  5. Suffering very badly and having to abandon my Housing Association home due to the intense wifi and dect microwave radiation from at least five neighbours plus recent masts. Neighbours refuse to help even by switching emissions off at night just so I can sleep. This is Truly Evil! I am so ill from this and No-One, Not the Housing Association, Council, Member of Parliament, Environmental Health or Local Authorities will help! What kind of world are we moving into? Suicide is never far from my mind these days. I am so angry and upset, I’ve lost my job and now my home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! only God can help now as the people simply will Not! Unbelievable! I’m certain now that this is intentional and this is part of a bigger plan and the people in general seem to be un-phased no doubt until it effects them also. I can only hope and pray that something for the good comes soon. Pharmaceutical companies seem to be doing well by it. Is this population culling in action? Non-lethal weapons? I just don’t know. Just sick of it all! 🙁

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