4 thoughts on “The Truth About Smart Meters”

  1. Hello, Brian. I’ve read your comments on LinkedIn. Thanks so much. I became a EMS sufferer since the smart meter been installed INSIDE MY BEDROOM. So people like you bring hope in my existence (not Life any more)
    Kind Regards

  2. Bravo!
    An exquisitely concise presentation covering numerous aspects
    of the situation which should be as obvious as they are wretched.
    Since it should be also obvious that, for many of the reasons cited
    by Brian Thiesen here, this global scam is destined to crash and
    burn- a fact which pushes it beyond corporate greed into darker
    and far more sinister territory.
    It shouldn’t strain even mainstream imaginations to conjure
    precisely whose decades-old designs the projected biological effects
    will benefit.

  3. I still have an analog meter. I pay $32.50 extortion fee to try and keep my democratic rights.
    Remember what Winston Churchill said in 1941?
    Never give up.Never, never, never, never.
    We didn’t;they did.

  4. I’m Australian. I’m also convinced that this whole smart meter debacle is a small part of the UN’s Agenda 21. Please look it up. Our thought are with you.

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